Mark Avery and the Hen Harrier Disaster

Mark Avery writes in his blog today about what happens when ‘the authorities’ pursue their own agenda rather than doing the right thing. I expect many were as shocked as I was by the extent of the cover-up to hide what really happened at Hillsborough; it seems the police were happy to let blame lie with the victims rather than own up to their own culpability.

Mark says:

Natural England should think hard about why they are being so secretive and obstructive to the public, who pay their wages, about a variety of events.  Why cannot we see Andrew Wood’s witness statement referring to Walshaw Moor and the burning of blanket bog? Why cannot we see the locations in northern England at which tagged hen harriers ceased transmitting their locations?

When public bodies forget their responsibilities to the public and look instead to their own narrow interests and to the wishes of their political masters then you get a Hillsborough.

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2 comments to Mark Avery and the Hen Harrier Disaster

  • che

    Natural England are not able to publish a smidgen of success concerning the Hen Harrier, so they publish nothing….why? because that’s how government works…Take your pay, keep your head down and say nowt.

  • paul williams

    Government Agencies like Natural England cannot justify the tax payers money they use to write there pay-cheques, and unjustifiably fail in a project that was healthier before they started.