Scottish Natural Heritage would like your views on the management of Scotland’s Wildlife.

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has commissioned Edinburgh consultants “Why Research” to run an online questionnaire from 5-19 March. Findings from focus groups held at the same time will help test the success of SNH’s merger with the Deer Commission in 2010. Research published last year suggested that SNH managed wildlife in the best interests of […]

Sir Simon Jenkins makes clear the position of the National Trust on Wind Farms.

After the publication of various conflicting accounts by the Telegraph and others (see below) regarding the position of its chairman, Sir Simon Jenkins, and the Trust itself, Sir Simon Jenkins clarifies the position of the National Trust on this subject below:

“I can assure you the Guardian story was rubbish, but then so was the […]

Angling Rolls Out Its Big Guns To Protect Fisheries From Cormorant Invasion

Campaigners from the world of UK angling will be joined by celebrities Chris Tarrant and Feargal Sharkey when they handover a 16,000 signature petition on Wednesday (22nd Feb) calling for action to limit the devastating impact of the UK’s rapidly increasing cormorant population and its effect on inland freshwater habitat and ecosystems.