Reflections on raptor persecution by John S. Armitage

Over the past two-three months I’ve given an appreciable amount of thought to the above problem, discussed matters with different organizations and deliberated the options for improvement with like-minded colleagues. The problem is one which requires urgent correction……..irreversibly and with any resumption met by severe penalties.


Wind Farms Will Wipeout the California Condor

Earlier this week Raptor Politics published an article detailing the concerns by Scientists in America’s mid west that lead shot is likely to undermine efforts to retain a wild and healthy population of Californian Condors into the future. When we take the latest information regarding the consequences of wind farms on the small population of […]

National Trust pours cold water on chairman’s recent anti-wind power comments

Oh Dear Oh Dear, it appears Sir Simon Jenkins, Chairman of the National Trust has set the cat amongst the pigeons, for according to Adam Vaughan of the Gardian newspaper The National Trust has moved to distance itself from anti-wind power comments made by its high-profile chairman this week.


Scottish Animal Charity releases damming video footage of Strathspey Gamekeeper battering trapped Crows to death.

Video of a Strathspey gamekeeper battering to death up to 12 crows and rooks with a stick trapped in a cage on a Scottish shooting estate has been released by OneKind an animal welfare charity in Scotland.

The Charity decided to publish details of this sickening incident on-line because they were so angered that no […]