Wind industry’s extensive lobbying to preserve subsidies and defeat local resistance to turbines

Writting in the Telegraph Robert Mendick, and Edward Malnick (11 February) highlight the intensive lobbying – both to construct wind farms and to maintain generous subsidies. These revelations come amid growing unease over an industry adding to the burden on household electricity bills.

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Analysis of UK wind farms shows that the 15 biggest owners will between them receive almost £850 million in subsidies that are added on to household electricity bills.

It comes after the disclosure last week that 101 Tory backbench MPs had written a letter to David Cameron demanding he slash the subsidies.

An investigation shows how the wind energy industry has:

* employed lobbying firms to fight against Government plans to cut a near £1 billion a year subsidy.

* drafted in eco-activists to drum up support for wind farm projects in the face of local opposition.

* defeated a Tory election pledge that could have triggered local referendums on wind farms before they are built.

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