DEFRA – Consultation on proposed boundary changes to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is consulting on proposals to extend the boundaries of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to extend protection for two of the finest landscapes in England and indeed the world. 

 National Parks are the jewels of our countryside; extending the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales will help link wildlife habitats at a landscape scale, and is supported by local people and businesses, as well as people who visit these National Parks from across the UK and beyond.

The Government must celebrate this chance to make a difference. By doing so, it would strengthen our National Parks and make the most of the benefits they bring to local people, businesses and the future well-being of our society. Both the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Park Authorities have a good track record of looking after their landscapes, supporting visitors’ enjoyment and understanding and working closely with their local communities, with good value for money to the nation.

The current boundaries of the two National Parks are illogical, as they cut major fells and dales down the middle. This causes confusion as to where the National Parks start and end. Correcting the boundaries will help everyone know where the Nationa Parks are and better reflect the character of these special landscapes.

Please write on my behalf to the Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman to support Natural England’s recommendation to extend the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales boundaries. The consultation closes on 16 March.

Please follow the link below. It will give you a letter to edit to the Secretary of State and one for your local MP. These will be sent automatically when you submit them on line. Lets make a big effort and protect Cumbria from the threat of over-development, wind farms, pylons, and (in the long run maybe) even high speed rail links. Forward this toanyone interested in protecting our invaluable landscape, habitats and wildlife.

Additional information.

Friends of the Lake District and the Campaign for Rural England are conducting an on line campaign to muster support to ensure the changes go ahead. FELLS have been asked to circulate this among our members and friends, which we have as these boundary extensions will better protect the additional areas from wind farms etc. I assume that being included in a National Park should also provide better protection for wildlife including raptors?

Click on this link to automatically generates a letter to DEFRA and to the relevant MP based on post code -quite clever. You can edit the letters if you wish before submitting them.


2 comments to DEFRA – Consultation on proposed boundary changes to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks.

  • Pied Fly

    Forwarded to the Secretary of State and my local MP. Unfortunately however, being in a National Park definitely DOES NOT mean better protection for wildlife, and in particular birds of prey, as evidenced here in the raptor black hole that is the Yorkshire Dales. No successful breeding Hen Harriers, despite acres of suitable habitat, and severely limited populations of Peregrine, etc.

  • paul williams

    “Better protection for wildlife” That is a big shout for an area that is better known as ” barren lands” for Birds of Prey.