The Scottish Gamekeepers Association – Crow Cages & Raptor Monitors

The latest offering published by the Scottish Gamekeepers Association written by Bert Burnett is well worth a read in our view. You will learn how to quickly and humanly despatch corvids by breaking the necks of birds which have been legally trapped. Mr Burnett then goes on to talk about the possibility that, as many […]

Donald Trump invests £10m to fight Wind Farm proliferation throughout the UK

Angered by wind farm proposals on his doorstep, the US billionaire Donald Trump has decided to put up £10m in a campaign against wind farms here in the UK. Mr Trump says planned wind farms will spoil the views on his golf course on the east coast of Scotland.


Dave Dick says those guilty of bird crimes in Scotland are being let off the hook.

Former RSPB investigations officer in Scotland has revealed he quit his job because landowners, police and even the judiciary were seriously undermining laws designed to protect birds of prey. In his new book Wildlife Crime, based on 25 years of undercover operations, Dave Dick says he resigned as head investigator for the RSPB because he […]

Serial Egg collector from London given Asbo preventing travel to Scotland

For the first time an egg collector has been banned from travelling to Scotland during the nesting season for ten years. An anti-social behaviour order was issued against Matthew Gonshaw because of his repeated Scottish visits to take eggs of birds like golden eagles and ospreys.

He had previously admitted 10 charges of theft and […]

Scottish Natural Heritage would like your views on the management of Scotland’s Wildlife.

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has commissioned Edinburgh consultants “Why Research” to run an online questionnaire from 5-19 March. Findings from focus groups held at the same time will help test the success of SNH’s merger with the Deer Commission in 2010. Research published last year suggested that SNH managed wildlife in the best interests of […]

Sir Simon Jenkins makes clear the position of the National Trust on Wind Farms.

After the publication of various conflicting accounts by the Telegraph and others (see below) regarding the position of its chairman, Sir Simon Jenkins, and the Trust itself, Sir Simon Jenkins clarifies the position of the National Trust on this subject below:

“I can assure you the Guardian story was rubbish, but then so was the […]

Angling Rolls Out Its Big Guns To Protect Fisheries From Cormorant Invasion

Campaigners from the world of UK angling will be joined by celebrities Chris Tarrant and Feargal Sharkey when they handover a 16,000 signature petition on Wednesday (22nd Feb) calling for action to limit the devastating impact of the UK’s rapidly increasing cormorant population and its effect on inland freshwater habitat and ecosystems.


London serial egg collector jailed for 10 more months

Matthew Gonshaw, regarded as a serial egg collector with an obsession for rare birds eggs has been jailed for stealing hundreds of eggs including golden eagle and osprey. When police raided Gonshaw’s east London home more than 700 eggs taken from nests, camouflage clothing, climbing equipment and maps of nesting sites were discovered.


Hawk & Owl Trust give their formal support to the e-petition

Call to stop killing of birds of prey by the Hawk & Owl Trust

It just goes to show there are responsible organisations associated with raptors and their conservation who are only too willing to give their full support to Mrs Harper’s e-petition to protect birds of prey despite claims to the contrary. Indeed Chris […]

U.S. probes golden eagles’ deaths at Department of Water and Power wind farm

Two more golden eagles have been found dead at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power wind farm in the Tehachapi Mountains, for a total of eight carcasses of the federally protected raptors found at the site. The toll makes the Pine Tree site in the Tehachapi Mountains among the deadliest in California’s wind […]