Mark Avery Blog – An Everyday Story of Country Folk.

Yesterday Mark Avery published one of his best pieces of journalism to date in our opinion. It’s all about the Glenn Brown appeal which ended in Derby Crown Court last week. We strongly urge all our followers to log onto Marks web site and read the logic of everything Mark has so carefully written. An […]

Female eagle owl spotted in South Tyneside causing mayhem.

An adult female eagle owl has been spotted flying over Cleadon Hills in South Shields and Boldon Flats Nature Reserve in recent months. Many bird watchers believe the female bird, which has a 5ft wingspan, must be an escapee. However, the owl has been worrying many walkers, after swooping down and has even ripped a […]

Falconer who allowed his birds to starve to death banned from keeping animals for life.

West Yorkshire RSPCA officers found a peregrine falcon, a steppe eagle and a male harris hawk all dead at the Altofts home of falconer Karl Leadley.

A court heard Leadley failed to adequately provide food and water and a proper diet for the raptors in his care.

A female harris hawk was also found in […]

Ninth Irish red kite confirmed poisoned

A ninth Irish red kite has been found dead from illegal poisoning, Irish park rangers have said. The breeding female bird, which had been nesting on a farm near Redcross, Co Wicklow, was found near Brittas Bay late last year. It is the latest red kite confirmed to have been killed by poison in the […]

Hen harriers, the RSPB and “persecution” according to the Countryside Alliance.

In a recent article published by the Countryside Alliance their Chief Executive Alice Barnard ridicules RSPB’s assertions that the hen harrier’s current precarious status in England is a result of illegal killing is nothing short of absurd. Apart from the Chief Executives obvious lack of any acceptance of Scientific facts supporting what the RSPB and […]

Owls Killed by Rat Poison in South Africa, Southern Ireland and Scotland.

In August 2010 Raptor Politics reported on the deaths of 10 red kites all found poisoned on Scotland’s Black Isle resulting from secondary poisoning caused by Rodenticide (rat poison) read the full account here. Following the successful release of red kites during last summer in Dublin and Wicklow, we also report further recent kite deaths […]

RSPB witnesses put on trial in the unsuccessful appeal of gamekeeper Glenn Brown!

Once you have read the text below written by Mark Thomas (RSPB), you will be left with no doubt who was on trial in the recent appeal heard at Derby Crown Court brought by Glenn Brown the convicted Derbyshire gamekeeper. Dirty tricks, false accusations, attacks on RSPB credibility and intimidation tactics, all being used by […]


A Derbyshire gamekeeper, working on an estate within the Peak District National Park, has lost an appeal today [singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float=right] (Tuesday 24 January 2012) against a previous conviction and sentence on seven charges relating to the illegal use of a trap baited with a live pigeon in order to take birds of […]

For our passion and love of raptors

Many of the readers of Raptor Politics sadly see so many negative articles regarding the persecution of raptors. But is there hope out there which may at last change the minds of land owners and tourist boards in our own country? The special word is tourism. Many of you will have read the article on […]

Derbyshire Gamekeeper appeal hearing- the prosecution evidence concluded yesterday (18th January)

After nearly 3 weeks of intense testimony heard in the appeal hearing brought by Derbyshire gamekeeper Glenn Brown against his conviction for wildlife crimes, the case for the prosecution at Derby Crown Court was completed (Wednesday 18th January). Brown together with his witnesses began giving their testimony today (Thursday). It seems possible the case will […]