Scottish Pigeon Fancier admits shooting dead Holyrood falcon

A pensioner shot dead one of the Scottish Parliament’s highly trained fleet of guard falcons because it was “going for his pigeons”. Andrew Hutchison, 67, then drove off in his car with the body of the falcon after its handlers traced a signal from a satellite tagging device back to his garden.


RSPB support to the E-Petition – Vicarious Liability, SIGN UP TODAY

Bird of prey persecution – make your voice heard. Crimes directed against birds of prey are widespread across the UK.

The RSPB support the E-petition calling for the law of Vicarious Liability to be introduced in England

The RSPB believes that vicarious liability is required to make the managers and employers of those committing bird […]

Maltese Customs officials confiscate dead protected birds including raptors killed in the UK

On 28 November three Maltese nationals were apprehended by customs at Malta International Airport in possession of dead protected birds. The three individuals were each returning home to Malta after visiting the UK where they had been on a hunting trip.