Forestry Commission capture the secrets of breeding Honey Buzzards using Camcorders.

Experts from the Forestry Commission in Wales have unveiled their latest weapon in a bid to shed light on the secret life of the elusive Honey Buzzard: a camcorder. The tree-mounted camcorder was moved between carefully selected sites by Forestry Commission Wales to track the movements and habits of the rare bird of prey. Along […]

Red Kites & Rat Poison – The Golden Eagle Trust Ltd Press Release., Ireland.

[singlepic id=443 w=299 h=401 float= left]Raptor Politics has been requested to post the attached Press Release sent to us by The Golden Eagle Trust Ltd., Ireland detailing the disappointing deaths of 8 Red Kites due to rat poison.


Pets at Risk of Being Poisoned, says RSPB

Is your pet safe over this holiday askes the RSPB? The RSPB, The Kennel Club, the Feline Advisory Bureau and the Dogs Trust are alerting pet owners to the fact that over the last 10 years, at least 56 dogs and 22 cats are known to have suffered from pesticide abuse instances. In most cases […]

The poisoning continues – Red Kite found poisoned in East Ayrshire.

Yet another red kite has been confirmed poisoned in Scotland. The body of a red kite was found in September at a special protection area in Ayrshire. The red kite described as “one of north Scotland’s most adventurous kites” has been found poisoned by a banned pesticide.


Numbers of game shot increases, but still we hear calls from the SGA for the licensed control of raptors.

The shooting fraternity continue to make their case for controlling raptor numbers throughout the UK at a time when game birds shot have broken records. Who is kidding who?

This is what the Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association had to say recently on his blog:

“We are also urging government to look again at […]

Raptor Island – My personal experience of Mull by Ewan Miles

[singlepic id=435 w=450 h=600 float= left]I used to hear about Mull growing up, with its many eagles and its huge range of wildlife. Seeing documentaries on TV along with hearing things like ‘Europe’s premier wildlife location’ and ‘best place to see birds of prey in the UK’ encouraged me to go for the first time […]

Britain’s most imprisoned egg collector doing “Bird” again.

[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float= left]Today [Tuesday 13 December, 2011], Matthew Gonshaw (49) of Cherrywood Close, Bow in East London, has extended his infamy for being Britain’s most imprisoned egg collector by being sentenced to yet another jail term, for six months, following conviction for stealing and possessing wild birds eggs, including those of some […]

Scotland’s White-tailed eagles soar to new heights

[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float= left]2011 has proved another record breaking year for breeding pairs of Scotland’s largest bird of prey. White-tailed eagles soared to new heights despite heavy storms throughout the 2011 breeding season.


New future for Hen Harriers in Yorkshire?

Yorkshire Water Plc own approximately 32,000 hectares of land (80,000 acres) making this water utility company one of the region’s largest landowners. Their estate covers the whole of Yorkshire but is predominantly located on the eastern flanks of the Pennines and in Nidderdale.


Barn Owl shot on Suffolk Nature Reserve

Suffolk Police, and RSPB are appealing for information after a barn owl was found shot at a nature reserve in Suffolk. Derek Turner, from Saxmundham, found the bird on Tuesday 23rd November whilst walking his dog at nearby RSPB nature reserve, Snape Warren.