Dr. Mark Avery gives his full support to the e-petition on his daily blog

Today 24 November Raptor Politics are pleased to announce Mark Avery has posted support on his blog  for the e-petition. His message is titled “Send a message to Westminster government on raptor persecution please.” Well done Dr Avery. 

Britain’s land owning sporting gentry have taken very little if any notice at all of current or past legislation introduced by government to protect raptors throughout our countryside. During the last decade the hen harrier Recovery Project has seen shooting and conservation interests come together to discuss ways forward to protect harriers on England’s uplands. Throughout these lengthy and costly negotiations sporting estates in England and their representatives have been giver every opportunity to get their house in order but still the slaughter has continued.

There are those from the shooting community who constantly rabbit on about the odd rouge gamekeeper, but the reality shows the problems are being caused by more than a small minority of individuals. Although England has sufficient habitat for 300 pairs of hen harriers this year there were only 4 successful breeding pairs in the whole country. Indeed there are now less harriers on our uplands than when the hen harrier recovery project was first introduced. The answer to that is also very simple as many scientific papers have clearly demonstrated – illegal persecution. This is why the e-petition launched with the support and cooperation of The North West Raptor Protection Group, England’s oldest raptor group founded in 1967 is so vitally important to the future security of birds of prey on England’s uplands.

No one should now be left in any doubt, despite an increase in some raptor populations these birds continue to be subjected to illegal persecution in areas of England where they should be safe from any harm but are not. If anyone has any doubt about signing this important document launched by Chrissie Harper, I would urge you to take a look at one or two graphic images of poisoned and shot raptors currently displayed on the Raptor Politics web site in support of the e-petition’s objectives. Land owners must now be made accountable for the illegal actions of their employees.

Not an easy task when enforcement of wildlife protection under the conservative leadership is taking a step backwards – no need for vicarious liability for land owners to match that in Scotland (says landowning Minister Richard Benyon) and dogged, albeit slow, progress towards a futile badger cul. (parts of this paragraph taken from Mark Avery’ blog)


Terry Pickford-North West Raptor Protection Group

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  • Admin

    Message: from Garry

    I tweeted to Chris Packham to retweet my message asking people to sign the petition. He did just that and the signatures rocketed about 200 in an hour. I think ‘Celebrity’ naturalists should be contacted to
    promote this petition i.e. Bill Oddie, Chris Packham, Simon King, Gordon Buchannan ect…

    Just an idea to be considered.

    Thanks Garry keep up your good work – Admin

  • The signatures have been going up at a rate of over 200 a day, thanks to you all.

    Mark Avery has contacted quite a few people who will help this e-petition greatly if they offer their support. I believe Nick Baker is aware of it so we are getting known in the correct circles.

    Andre Farrar from the RSPB has also contacted me today and is spreading the word, if we get the help and backing of organisations like this we will surely do well. Most of you will know that I cancelled my membership to the RSPB during the Eagle Owl Campaign, I think the time may be right for me to step up and rejoin to thank them for their support if we get it wholeheartedly.

    Cage and Aviary Birds Magazine have contacted me today and are doing a story on the e-petition which hopefully will be in next weeks edition and other groups are also showing their support. Both BirdWatch and Bird Watching magazines are thinking about it.

    Things are looking promising at the moment but the hard work is still to come.

  • paul williams

    Saturday Farming Life (Belfast news letter)Every one should read the Saturday Farming Life (Belfast News Letter) article by Dan Kinney, Rod & Gun, d.kinney@newsletter.co.uk.

    He has, over the past years and with the help of some well chosen words, encouraged hunters and shooters to question the reintroduction of raptors into GB & Ireland. Weekly he spouts facts and figurs regarding the damage these birds….without any data or proof. He is a great man for posting words written by ‘others’ such as Robin Page (Daily Telegraph November 5th 2011).

    His articles are posted within the Farming Life (Belfast News Letter), thus giving all those farmers who may have douts about the reintroduction of raptors the chance to see his populist coments (hunters&shooters). His latest head line, ‘Stop blaming farmers and deal with the real problem’ where he blames the raptors in these Island for the decline of many birds. His main bug bear is his Grouse shooting on the North Antrim hills. He has great days slaughtering these birds with a 12bore shoot gun blowing them to little bits, but when it comes to a Raptor killing for need he gets into great gorey details how they do this. It would be great if like minded people would either e-mail him with your comments or his editor asking why no one is able to respond to his outlandish comments

  • I have e-mailed loads of people including producer friends at BBC NHU, Nick Knowles (DIY SOS) a friend of mine has re-tweeted it and supports it. Great to see Cage and Aviary doing a piece as I e-mailed Nick an editor there asking them if they would do a piece.

    I’m going to try my ace card this week, will let you know if I get a response! Keep spreading the word!