Introduction of Vicarious Liability e-Petition – The first 5 days.

Vicarious Liability, so far in the 5 days since the e-petition was launched it has succeeded in reaching 1164 signatures. With your help and CONTINUED support we can reach well over 1500 signatures in less than one week. Please keep this issue on your Face book and continue to Twitter the message on a continuous basis, we must not ease up on our efforts.

It will be essential to maintain the momentum throughout the next 51 weeks. So far we have not engaged to media, the signatures obtained in the last 5 days were obtained by Face book and Twitter and the publicity generated on the Raptor Politics website.

If this campaign is going to reach our target of 100,000 signatures before the year is out, we will need just short of 2000 new signatures each and every week. We are just beginning but no one must become complacent.

Please remember it is vitally important for each of us to continue to generate publicity in support of this petition in any way possible.

If anyone is able to come up with new and better ways to get our message out we would ask you to do so. Have you contacted your local newspaper or bird forum groups? Another possible avenue you may wish to consider is to e-mail or telephone bird watching magazines asking them to carry the story.

If anyone has any proposals they feel Raptor Politics should take up, then by all means get in touch using our confidential Contact Us link.

Please continue to ask your family and friends to sign up to the e-petition calling for Vicarious Liability below.


Just to remind everyone, the image below  of three shot peregrine chicks is just one of hundreds of similar reasons why we are asking YOU to sign the e-petition.

[singlepic id=154 w=400 h=246 float= centre]

Three nestling peregrine falcons each found shot to death on nesting ledge in East Lancashire.




4 comments to Introduction of Vicarious Liability e-Petition – The first 5 days.

  • Coop

    Just a quick “heads up” that this particular link appears to be broken. Thanks all.

    Editors note: Many thanks, the link has been repaired.

  • Coop

    No problem. Nice one.

    • Peter Chambers

      My suggestion is simple. Everyone who has voted so far should recruit ten additional friends to join the campaign and vote. Each of the first ten friends should then ask ten of their friends to vote and so on. So come on everyone, please pass the word to help England’s persecuted birds of prey.

  • harrier man

    Petition now with local bird club forum and e-mailed to all members who have e-mail capability.