New e-petition initiated “All Birds of Prey should not be protected.”

A new e-petition has now been accepted by the Government stating “All birds of prey should not be protected”. The new petition runs until August 2012, several months shorter than the one initiated by Chrissie Harper and supported by the North West Raptor Protection Group last Friday. There is more than a suspicion that this new petition, containing just 3 signatures so far, is being supported and backed by SS, (song bird survival.)

It is now vital more people than ever get on board to support the e-petition calling for a parliamentary debate on the introduction of Vicarious Liability which will make shooting estate landowners responsible for the criminal actions of their employees. It seems the landowners are more than a little concerned about the consequences of ANY debate calling for improved protection for England’s persecuted raptors.

Please continue to ask your family and friends to sign up to the e-petition calling for Vicarious Liability below.

What we must all do now: 

The Government have included a feed back submissions form allowing anyone to make comments or justified complaints relating to the format and objectives of all e-petitions they receive. We believe that in this instance the new e-petition has been based upon incorrect and misleading science and is therefore open to a formal challenge by the public. To gain access to the submissions form to make your views known follow the link below.

This new e-petition is in direct contradiction of all scientific studies that show bird of prey numbers have no overall effect on the numbers of song birds in the UK; in fact the scientific evidence proves the opposite, see the RSPB link below.

The Government’s Raptor Working Group, which includes leading experts from the GWCT, British Association for Shooting and Conservation, the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, the Scottish Raptor Study Groups and the RSPB, concluded in 2000 that:

There is no scientific evidence that sparrowhawks or other birds of prey have had population effects on British songbirds. In our view, there is overwhelming evidence that changes in agricultural practice over recent decades have caused the substantial changes we have seen in farmland bird populations.

It is the firm view of Raptor Politics the new e-petition is an attack once again on protected birds of prey by those wishing to do harm to them for their personal interests and request that this e petition is rejected.

We urge all our followers to submit a complaint via the submissions form attached above requesting this misleading e-petition is immediately withdrawn from the list.

6 comments to New e-petition initiated “All Birds of Prey should not be protected.”

  • Can I please ask that we do not accuse any one of being involved in this petition to remove protection from birds of prey until we can gain the correct facts, in my opinion this would be wrong and will only cause animosity.
    I read articles like the comments this man has made in magazines and newspapers made by misguided people who believe that raptors kill for fun and spend their lives murdering and decimating garden birds, it is up to us all to try and educate these people, although many will not want to listen, we do have the facts to back us up.
    I have to confess this does smack of Songbirds Survivals patter, I have had the misfortune of being next to them at some shows, one even came into my tent and started talking to people without even having the courtesy to introduce himself, he was asked to remove himself, very politely, most people who came in to see my owls were absolutely disgusted with this organisations attitude, one or two people commented that it came over very clearly that they had a huge hatred for raptors and corvids.
    The way forward is to work together for what we all believe in and show our strength by keeping our petition in the public eye and not lowering ourselves to these peoples level.
    It would also appear that this man has it in for the RSPB as well, as you all know I have had my differences with this organisation, but it is not a crime to protect birds of prey, it is a crime to persecute them though.

  • Coop

    I’ve just read this pathetic pile of **** and registered my complaint. I’ve no idea who the moronic Brian Baggott is, but I urge anyone who has any details on this individual to expose him for what he is.

  • harrier man

    I have sent some feedback stressing my outrage at this petition.

  • Jimmy

    That petition reads like some kind of joke – its like a 5-year old wrote it. Does the petitions committee indugle every crank and crackpot??

  • paul williams

    I don’t understand the logic behind this petition, All Birds of Prey are protected by Government legislation.I doubt very much if this has anything to do with songbirds, I rather think it is more in tune with Grouse shooting.

  • Alastair Henderson

    I have attempted to access the links without success. I would have liked to have read the petition before posting my objections.
    A Henderson