Persecution, Prosecutions and Penalties

In the RSPB 2010 Birdcrime report there is an interesting section titles Prosecutions (page 36)  that includes an analysis of the prosecutions for wildlife crimes since 2001,  under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, Control of Trade in Endangered Species,(Enforcement) Regulations 1997, Customs and Management Act 1979 and the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985.

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Adult peregrine falcon found trapped by the leg in fen trap, many additional raptors end up

poisoned or trapped. their nests and content destroyed.

It shows that custodial sentences were awarded in 55 cases for wild bird related offences (not including any welfare offences). 52 in England, 2 in Wales and 1 in Scotland.

Of these offences for which custodial sentences were awarded. Jail sentences have been repeatedly given for offences involving species of low conservation concern, such as 10 cases relating to the killing of swans, gulls and ducks.Despite a number of cases of high conservation concern relating to the persecution of birds of prey, custodial sentences were given in only three cases (all suspended).

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Peregrine falcons contained in this ground nests need your urgent help to

ensure the laws designed to protect them are inforced.

That in itself should raise a few eyebrows, but the article goes on to explain that under the Magistrates’ Courts Sentencing Guidelines for wildlife magistrates are advised, when considering the seriousness of the offence, to first take into account the ecological impact of the offence and the impact on the sustainability of the species.
Whilst this may be happening with convictions involving trade in endangered species, it does not seem to be the case for offences involving native birds of prey!

Once again we find ourselves asking is our protected wildlife really being offered the level of protection it deserves?

I urge everyone reading this, to not only sign the e-petition but to go further and help support the petition, ask your family members and friends to support it, ask your local wildlife groups or local newspapers. These magnificent creatures need our help and deserve better protection.

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Pair of nesting peregrines found poisoned in Devon. This kind of criminal activity must be stopped.

Please sign the e-petition to help prevent such atrocities.

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3 comments to Persecution, Prosecutions and Penalties

  • Jay yunus

    I’m against all trap used to BOP n rest of d animals..very cruel indeed

  • Paul Venter


    I will support any move to protect our birds of prey no matter where in the World. Poisoning MUST be STOPPED.
    It is crual to let a beautiful bird belonging to Nature and
    God, die that way.

    Paul Venter
    South Africa.

  • Alastair Henderson

    An interesting hypothesis; We have Peregrines doing very well in cities in the UK – in America Merlins do well in towns and cities in the mid-west. It is important to understand that both of these colonisations are of a completely natural origin. Perhaps we just have to wait for Goshawks to do likewise here. Is there less illegal persecution of raptors on the Continent?