The North West Raptor Protection Group supports an e-petition in an attempt to provide improved protection for England’s Raptors.

An e-petition submitted to Defra by Chrissie Harper has today been accepted by the Government and added to the e-Petitions website.

If we can get 100,000 signatures “Vicarious Liability” will be debated in the House of Commons.

Introduction of offence of vicarious liability for raptor persecution in England, To vote for this important land mark petition click here.

The full e-petition details are provided below.

You will need to fill in your own details (which will remain confidential) once you have linked up to the petition document to vote.

Before your signature is added to the e-Petition you will receive an e-mail asking you to verify your e-mail address.

If we can get an initial 60 and then 14,000 signatures, these are important milestones on the road to a debate. If we can reach the 100,000 signatures required this would be a major and important contribution in the fight to save England’s persecuted birds of prey.

Please  pass details of this e-petition on to any other action groups, bird forums or individual who might share the petitioners aims so that we can get the ball rolling.

E-petition Title

Introduction of offence of vicarious liability for raptor persecution in England

Information provided to Defra in support of this e-Petition

  • Scotland, recognising that those who persecute birds of prey frequently do so at the direction of their employers or others with vested interests, has introduced an offence of vicarious liability, the purpose of which is to bring those parties to justice.


  • This petition calls on the government to introduce an offence of vicarious liability to bring to justice those who direct or turn a blind eye to raptor persecution in England.


  • As an indication of how bad thing are, in the last year only four pairs of hen harriers successfully reared chicks in England, fourteen peregrine falcon territories failed on grouse moors in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland, and only one successful goshawk nest was recorded in the Derwent Valley, Derbyshire.


  • Current legislation is not enough to deter those who break the law and destroy our heritage; the introduction of vicarious liability would hit those directing the slaughter.


The two images below shows just why we should all support this very important petition, because clearly the current government will do little to bring about the legal changes that are required to protect birds of prey in this country without a strong push.


[singlepic id=154 w=400 h=246 float= centre]

Three nestling peregrine falcons each found shot to death on nesting ledge in East Lancashire.

[singlepic id=406 w=512 h=341 float= centre]

Poison brings a quick & painful death, this is what the public needs to see. One Buzzard and four Goshawks recently poisoned in Devon.

33 comments to The North West Raptor Protection Group supports an e-petition in an attempt to provide improved protection for England’s Raptors.

  • paul williams

    This important e-petition has been signed and reposted on my FB page.

  • Circus maximus

    Well done…is there a link to the site?

    Link added here by Admin, but a link has also been added at the beginning of the Raptor Politics article.

  • John McFall

    Please protect all Raptors.

    Added by Admin, John get as many of your friends to sign the

  • John McFall

    This e-petition has been signed and shared to my FB page

  • nirofo

    Signed and passed on to others of a like mind.

  • Coop

    Signed and shared.

  • Thanks to everyone who has signed, shared and supported this e-petition, we have just short of 200 signatures so far and as this has only been online for under a day this is very encouraging, if everyone who signs it shares it with others and they in turn do the same we should do well.
    I promise you I am working very hard to get this e-petition into the public eye throughout the UK, this is very important and we must try and make sure it gets the desired number of signatures to make it a success, we have a year.
    If any of you have any ideas which would help me to publicise this petition or can even publicise it in their area I would be most grateful.

  • Daniel Marsden

    Great stuff!!! Shall be signed and passed on shortly!!! TIME FOR CHANGE!!!

  • John Miles

    It will be interesting to see how many sign having been at the North of England raptor conference!

  • Hopefully John they will all sign it as people who care about the welfare and protection of Britains raptors, we have to work together on this if it has any chance of succeeding. After only a day we have almost three hundred signatures, I have spent nearly two hours today contacting people and asking for support and have certainly got a few results.
    Sign, Share and show that you Care.

  • fellwalker

    Well said john/chrissie, but we will see?…

  • The current legislation in England is barely a deterrent, allowing the real offenders to hide behind others. If we are to take raptor conservation seriously, we need laws which put responsibility in the right places and this proposal directly addresses that issue. Its high time this well-worn loophole was chopped right off.

  • kittenface

    I’m sorry I tried to sign this but I’m from pa, usa and I can’t I am still going to post it for my friends from over seas hope it helps

  • im sick and fed up of , scum, that are a little short in the upstairs department, they need educating and fast, but some are just plain ignorant, mindless killing of magnificent bop, which are declining at an alarming rate, is disgusting, and its about time the government acted, or in the future we wont see certain species, to which tourists visit our country, to observe. rossy.

  • mark

    signed and hope the petition doesn’t fall on deaf ears

  • Karen Clachrie

    signed and shared on fb! too much human hunt scum about!!

  • Joan & Andy

    Not sure if we’re signing up by writing here – but wish to be included on the petition.

    Editors Note: Joan & Andy.follow this link to sign up

  • Nearly 450 signatures in two days, more than I expected, Mark Avery has commented and Chris Packham has also Tweeted on Twitter, both very much in favour of the petition. I am going to try and get some publicity this week with newspapers and magazines and have a few other ideas, in the mean time please keep spreading the word and encouraging people to sign.

  • Richard Ebbs

    Signed, submitted and published to others. But see today’s Guardian (21/11)for letters on the efficiency of e-petitions, not too reassuring. But good luck and keep the signatures rolling in.

    • Ann Cardwell

      I would like to place on record my congratulations, not only to a very courageous lady Chrissie Harper, but also to the crew at Raptor Politics for going to all the trouble to get this important e-petition off the ground and into the public domain. You all deserve a medal well done on behalf of the hundreds that have so far signed the petition and for those that will do so in the weeks and months ahead. I have a lot of empathy for a comment Terry Pickford posted on raptor politics a few weeks ago. This is what Terry said, “it seems to me that some people involved in raptor conservation consider it more important to say the right thing rather than do the right thing.” Everyone involved with this project have in my opinion said and done the right thing earning a great deal of respect from those of us who care about raptors.

  • Mrs Elizabeth Allen

    I would like to sign the Email petition.

    Editors Note, Elizabeth follow the attached link to the petition web page below. Simply copy and paste into your browser window.

  • Watched Ray Mears tonight, like his programs but tonight I got very angry, why did they allow anyone to visit the Hen Harriers nest, pick up the chicks to look at and film, while the female was calling and getting very distressed. No need for this visit at all- just publicity. These are the rarest bird of prey in the UK, now surely what took place in front of the camera was very wrong. This sends out entirely all the wrong messages. Here we are campaigning to get extra protection for raptors and the very people who are there to protect these birds are doing things like this, how can they point the finger at others?

    This is just the same kind of bad practice as happened in the Forest of Bowland, and still is for all we know. The North West Raptor Protection Group who did the job in a very professional way for over THREE DECADES are no longer welcome on Bowland after Natural England revoked their licenses after the group reported a number of similar uncoordinated and unnecessary visits causing birds to desert their eggs and young; look what happened with the Eagle Owls and the pair of harriers that failed after Natural England allowed a pair to be photographed from a hide in 2010. One set of rules for Natural England’s friends, another set for the experts who do a very good job.

    I hope this female HH didn’t desert her young after this jolly, but how will we ever know, very sad. It would have been far better to take Ray Mears into the nest while the chicks were being rung, by so doing avoiding a completely inappropriate nest visit.

    • Kevin Moore

      Chrissie, I have decided to add a copy of my letter sent to NERF last year explaining to this committee why Paul William and I made our complaint about the inappropriate nest visits undertaken by the Chairman of NERF and two additional voluntary licensed Field Workers. Because both Paul Willaims and myself and the rest of the NWRPG followed a correct and professional way forward and would not support poor field behaviour, the North West Raptor Protection Group lost their licenses to cover up the embarrasment of what had been reported.

      It seems to us that Natural England have one set of rules for some licence holders who act very badly in the field disregarding the well-fair of the birds, while treating individuals who act responsibly in a completely illogical manner.

      Letter sent to all NERF members by e-mail by Kevin Moor and Paul Williams- former licensed members of the NWRPG.

      Complaints regarding inappropriate nest visists by other licensed field workers.

      Hello to you all,

      My name is Kevin Moore and I am a member of the NWRPG. Like most of you I also hold a scientific disturbance licence enabling me to visit nests of a number of raptor species. I regard my licence as a privilege and not as a right. When visiting any active nest I always endeavour to undertake my responsibilities in a professional and responsible manner adhering to best practice and always placing the interests of the birds first.

      I would like to point out to all fellow members of NERF Mr. Irving’s claim that a complaint has been made against him to NE is strictly not correct. I have to tell all members of NERF I find it difficult to comprehend how anyone, without knowing any of the facts, was able to make up their mind that there was no foundation to what had been reported. I would like to ask one question, do you Tony think it was responsible behaviour to visit an active peregrine nest twice within 2 hours keeping the alarming falcons off their nest for at least one hour twenty minutes? If you do then I must tell you are wrong.

      On the day of the incident witnessed by myself and Paul Williams we could only identify only two individuals who we both knew well. From where we were both sitting, because the distance and the fact that the third person was wearing a hat we could not tell who he was.

      Bearing in mind what happened, I have to say in our opinion the identity of the third person was irrelevant, it should not matter who this individual was. The behaviour Paul and I witnessed that day was inexcusable; no one can justify keeping a pair of falcons off their nest for such a long time, or disturbing the birds for a second time within such a short period. No care was taken and anyone walking in the immediate area could have seen and heard everything that was taking place.

      As you will be aware all field workers in Bowland have been requested by Natural England to submit details of incidents of inappropriate behaviour and bad field practice associated with protected nest sites. The e-mail Paul Williams and I sent to Mr. Saunders represented an eye witness account of what we both considered to be very irresponsible behaviour undertaken with a cavalier attitude. Is the Chairman of NERF now indicating what we had witnessed adhered to best practice and therefore should not have been reported?

      In an attempt to clarify the situation Paul Williams and I have attached a copy of our e-mail we were asked to send to Mr. Saunders. If any NERF member feels that Paul Williams and I have acted in anyway inappropriately by misrepresenting what we observed, then we would like to hear from you.

      Kevin Moore & Paul Williams

      North West Raptor Protection Group

    • nirofo

      It would be very interesting to know if they were (including the cameramen) licensed to visit the Hen Harriers nest at Forsinard RSPB Reserve in North Sutherland ???

      Admin edit. We must not forget as well as the cameraman who was at the nest, there was also the audi recorder and possibly a director???

  • I would like to thank the many Falconers who have supported my e-petition, I was disgusted to read some of the comments posted on the IFF this morning and it would appear that many Falconers will not support it because in their words, There are plenty of raptors in the wild anyway, why upset the landowners who let us use their land. So in fact they are condoning the illegal persecution of wild raptors for their own selfish ends. I find this bloody disgraceful as will most of the many Falconers in this country, but then these are the same people who offered to go and shoot the Eagle Owls free of charge when my Eagle Owl Campaign was running, as it still is, these people give Falconry a bad name.

  • IF YOU HAVE SIGNED AND SHARED THE E-PETITION IN THE LAST 24HOURS, have you had verification to acknowledge it? We think something is wrong as the numbers haven’t changed for a while. Mark Avery and myself have contacted Defra, please do the same if you think your signature has not been added. Thank You.

  • paul williams

    I understand from a licence point of view that the licence holder is only allowed 2 assistants with him when visiting any nest. So if any licence holder is joined at the nest by more than 2 persons, this constitutes a clear breach of his licence conditions.

  • Annie

    Signed and had verification – no problems.

  • Karl Stabler

    Hi, I’m currently a full time mature student at Newcastle University and I’m researching ideas for my dissertation for next academic year. I have 18 years experience as a falconer and was looking at studying and writing something on our native goshawk population, in both Scotland and England and Wales.

    I’m looking for information on population numbers and also the persecution of the hawk and potential effects of shooting estates with a view to developing a project with maybe the RSPB and DEFRA which could involve the capture and release of goshawks from high risk areas to other suitable habitats. I’m studying countryside management and would like to start researching the project as early as possible.

    Thanks in advance

    Karl Stabler


    Hi Terry just seen picture of you in a destroyed golden eagles nest gamekeepers will get the blame.I have photographic evidence of a golden eagle carrying off a lamb in may 2010|some farmers have complained that numbers are out of control.local farmer Donald Maclean told the daily record; :It is a hugely significant photo,catching the eagle in the act it proves eagles are carrying off lambs evidence that farmers need to make their point,: one farmer said he as lost 30 lambs to eagles,Terry read that wind turbines might kill 137 eagles over 25 years, this was nearly 10 times the permissible conservation limit of 25,

    Editor’s Comment. Carole farmers are well known for the gilding the lilly, don’t believe everything you read in the press.