South Heysham Wind Farm Proposal – Objections from both RSPB & Natural England

Details of objections submitted by both the RSPB and Natural England to the South Heysham wind farm proposal have now been posted on the Lancaster City Council website. We have attached two PDF files where both the RSPB and Natural England’s letters of objections can be examined.

The RSPB’s letter see (PDF file here) is unusually very strong. The Society also objected to the unacceptably High Pink Footed Goose Mortality Rate.

Natural England are objecting to the proposals on the same grounds as the RSPB. A summary of Natural England’s objections are detailed below. To read Natural England’s complete letter follow the (PDF file here).

Natural England’s Summary:

The proposal is close to and may indirectly affect the Morecambe Bay Special Protection Area (SPA)/Special Area of Conservation (SAC)/Ramsar site which is a European site protected under the Habitats Regulations. Natural England?s view is that this proposal is likely to have a significant effect on the European site. Natural England advises that the local authority undertakes an appropriate assessment to fully assess the implications outlined in Annex 1 on the Morecambe Bay Special Protection Area/Special area of Conservation/Ramsar site.

1 comment to South Heysham Wind Farm Proposal – Objections from both RSPB & Natural England

  • Tim Sarney

    The applicant (Banks Renewables) was clearly told in June by the statutory ecology consultees that this application was unacceptable. They should not therefore be surprised that the RSPB and NE are maintaining objections in order to protect the Pink Footed Geese and SPA/SAC. No doubt the consultees have been under enormous pressure from the developer to back down – it is good to see the RSPB and NE are standing up to this developer. To try and gain acceptance of a higher avoidance rate is typical of a wind farm developer who is determined to get a wind farm approved and start the Renewables Obligation money making machine.