Raptor Poisoning Continues – Scotland’s Northern Constabulary issue a warning to the public.

Police in Strathspey have today issued an important warning to the public after the carcass of a dead grouse was discovered near Cromdale in Morayshire which had been laced with a banned pesticide.

The police have now issued a warning to dog owners to exercise care while walking their animals, as they are concerned protected birds of prey such as Red Kites and Buzzards are being targeted in many regions of Scotland.

The police were alerted after a distressed buzzard was spotted near a grouse bait on the Glenlochy estate, which is very close to the small village of Cromdale in Morayshire.

Toxicology tests were undertaken on the dead grouse which confirmed the presence of Aldicarb, which is a banned substance. According to a Police spokesperson the poison could have proved fatal to both dogs and humans.

Fortunately in this instance the poisoned buzzard recovered from the poisoning and was later released.

Police have stated that there have been a number of similar incidents in the area in which poisoned birds of prey or bait have been discovered.

A Northern Constabulary spokesperson said the actions of those involved who left the poisoned bait were criminal and grossly negligent.

3 comments to Raptor Poisoning Continues – Scotland’s Northern Constabulary issue a warning to the public.

  • Jimmy

    It really is staggering the culture of criminality in and around these grouse moors!! – sadly large parts of the North appear to be slipping back to some sort of Victorian dark age in regards to these matters:(

    • Terry Pickford, North West Raptor Protection Group

      Believe me Jimmy, the Victorian Culture you refer to has never gone away, its just that there are more people about these days to blow the Whistle!

  • harrier man

    Very much the tip of the iceberg as already discussed in other articles and reports.