Hen Harrier – A complex picture

[singlepic id=84 w=413 h=635 float= left]In the Spring & Summer issue of the North Pennines News, an article by Chris Collett of the RSPB (‘Your call could save the Hen Harrier’) quoted a 2008 Natural England report (A Future for the Hen Harrier in England) which states that ‘illegal persecution continues to limit the hen […]

Canadian raptor rescue group calls on hunters to dump lead ammo

As Alberta hunters head to the bush for the fall season, a wildlife rescue agency hopes the death of a poisoned eagle will push hunters to stop using lead-based ammunition. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton said it was forced to euthanize a golden eagle Monday after it was found scavanging a deer carcass […]

Do Wind Farms pose a risk to Wales’ National Bird?

Anti-wind farm campaigners in Wales are claiming that red kites could be at risk from wind turbines. Chris Kelsey investigates the truth behind the claims.

The red kite is officially Wales’ national bird and with numbers of breeding pairs having soared from less than 10 in 1930 to more than 800 now, it is also […]