Gamekeepers hit out at RSPB for only protecting ‘iconic’ species

Gamekeepers have hit out at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for only protecting ‘photogenic’ species such as the golden eagle while neglecting other breeds. The latest statistics from the RSPB show an 18 per cent fall in the number of birds shot or poisoned.

However the conservation charity insist this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and are using the figures to lobby for greater protections for birds of prey.

The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation said the reaction of conservationists shows a bias in favour of ‘iconic’ birds like the golden eagle, despite the fact the birds of prey are doing well in the UK and persecution is becoming less of an issue.

The last paragraph above is very interesting and significant, why because clearly the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation appear to be over-looking the fact that most of our “Iconic” raptors are very conspicuous on Red Grouse moors because of their total absence from these important regions.. What utter nonsense some people put out.

Click here to read more of what the National Gamekeepers Organisation have said in todays Daily Telegraph.

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