Massive Bird Kill at West Virginia Wind Farm

[singlepic id=428 w=335 h=500 float= left]October 28 2011 – With the deaths of nearly 500 birds at the Laurel Mountain wind facility earlier this month, three of the four wind farms operating in West Virginia have now experienced large bird fatality events, according to American Bird Conservancy (ABC), the nation’s leading bird conservation organization.


Named and shamed: One of the UK’s worst places for killing birds of prey

Police blame rogue gamekeepers for poisoning or shooting protected predators. Birds of prey including the peregrine falcon, red kite, goshawk and hen harrier are being poisoned or shot in the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales at a rate unknown in any other region, according to the RSPB.

Click HERE to view graphic (134k […]

SSE drops Waterhead Moor wind farm over ‘bird fears’

A major energy firm has withdrawn its planning application to develop a 29-turbine wind farm at Waterhead Moor near Largs, North Ayrshire.

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Much of Watershead Moor was a protected site for hen harriers.


Pair of Eagle Owls Breed on House Veranda.

The presence of nesting eagle owls in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland came as a complete surprise when the first pair turned up in this region over a decade ago. Perhaps even more astonishing was the fact that this top avian predator was then permitted to breed successfully in several remote locations upon just one of […]

Are Buzzards responsible for the decline in the Kestrel population?

Raptor Politics welcomes questions like the one we have published below submitted by one of our readers. This is indeed a very interesting question as we are sure like everyone else in northern England the steady increase in the number of Buzzards into areas where previously none existed has been a topic on many people’s […]

Could the rare White-tailed eagle earn Cumbria a multi-million pound nest egg?

Cumbrian conservation experts believe the rare white-tailed eagle could bring a multi-million pound tourism boost to the county. Three separate sightings of the bird in Cumbria last week have prompted hopes the species could return for good after more than 100 years.

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Ewan Miles above […]

Critically Endangered Philippine eagle shot dead

A Critically Endangered Philipine eagle, that had been rescued as a juvenile has been found dead in the Philippines. It appears to have been shot according to The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF).

The eagle, called Hagpa, was originally rescued after being captured by a farmer in May last year. The eagle, thought to be a […]

Devon & Cornwall bird of prey poisoning toll rises further

Within the last three weeks Raptor Politics have reported the poisoning of 2 peregrines, 4 goshawks together with a single buzzard in Devon. Now the West Country bird of prey death toll rises even higher with a third poisoned Peregrine death reported near Buckfastleigh bringing the total known poisoning incidents in Devon and Cornwall this […]

Geological Studies used by Wind farm Developers in part of the Highlands to obtain Planning Approval Dangerously Flawed.

Although not directly relevant to raptors, I would like to make Raptor Politics aware of the often shoddy or misleading state of the geological chapters in Environmental Statements and/or Impact Assessments drawn up for wind farm developers. Although the comments here refer to the parlous state Allt Duine wind EIA for the Allt Duine wind […]

Two White-tailed Sea Eagles seen visiting Northern England during the last 6 weeks

Two immature White-tailed eagle rarely found in the English countryside have been spotted in as many months in England. The first eagle turning up in Bedlington, Northumberland almost dead in early Sepetmeber, while the second eagle very much alive was spotted yesterday (13 October) by Ewan Miles after having been alerted by RSPB staff Tindal […]