Allt Duine Windfarm – A Critical Analysis

Wind Farm Action have pointed out a brilliant web site by (click here) Scotland-landscapes,com  which defines the areas affected by the Allt Duine Wind Farm on the very borders of the Cairngorm National Park. This  new proposal is regarded as an  assault on the A9 corridor which started with Farr Windfarm and is now pressing southwards in anticipation of the added capacity of the Beauly-Denny interconnector.  Horror and shame on a Government that not only sanctions the assault and rape on Scotland’s landscape but possitively encourages it.

Just follow this link of the Golden Eagle Cullen and the areas the Eagle covers . With the growing Wind Farm applications for this area, the survival of these birds is threatened. Read and weep!

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  • Druim Ba wind farm was rejected by Highland Councillor Planning committee this week, mostly on Visual Impact. In their new county plan the area is designated as a break in the continuous line of wind farms. We flew a Blimp as the councillors visited the site which we are reliably informed made a great impact. The pleasure for me was sitting on the hill and watching the Red Kites circling around us. Many other birds in the area that day which rather questions why the Environmental Statement suggests that there is vary little avian life in the area. Could it be the hunting parties and clay pigeon shoots always arranged for the day before the bird expert from the consultants visited. Now we await the Public Enquiry and the rubber stamp from Edinburgh but let them be warned, the fight is not over yet. This is a truly magnificent area. The developers talk of a man made environment. Forestry that is soon due for harvesting on the developers land and elswhere a vista of fields that were wrestled from the wild lands over generations and above, the moorland and mountains of a true Scottish Landscape.