Giant turbine blades likely to claim lives of migrating geese and whooper swans into the NW of England following High Court Ruling.

There is no doubt that the giant turbines will kill some pink-footed geese, which migrate to Britain during the winter, however Mr Juctice Pelling sitting as a High Court judge in Manchester, rejected all the grounds of a recent wind farm challenge. So So much for our (and European) biodiversity laws. Even Judges ignore them.


RSPB tells Scottish estates and landowners it is time they “sorted out” the problem of birds of prey being killed.

Wildlife crime: Grouse shooting season put in the shade by illegal poisoning.

The Glorious Twelfth and the start of the red grouse shooting season is drawing closer, but, finds Nick Drainey, there is something else exercising the minds of many in the Scottish countryside – the illegal poisoning of birds of prey. In what amounts […]