Natural England – Public Consultation Document – Improving Compliance and Enforcement:

Natural England are inviting all members of the  public in England to take part in this consultation to help them implement new civil sanction enforcement powers. Natural England maintain they require our feedback to ensure their compliance and enforcement work is delivering the best for people, business and the natural environment.  (This means, we must assume, protecting birds of prey see in next paragraph.)

Natural England was established to conserve our wildlife, landscapes and seas; to restore our natural assets and to work with people so that they can enjoy all the benefits the natural world offers.

Natural England are responsible for enforcing laws that protect wildlife and the natural environment. This document explains how we help people comply with these laws. It also explains how we respond when these laws are broken and as a result the natural environment is damaged.

Raptor Politics would like to ask all our readers what they think about this complicated document, but more importantly do you think it will result in better protection on England’s moorlands for Birds of Prey? Let us know please, your thoughts are very important. By remaining silent issues concerning the persecution of “protected” birds of prey and the loss of biodiversity on our upland will not change, here we all have an oportunity to make our voices heard.

You can read the complete Natural England document here.

1 comment to Natural England – Public Consultation Document – Improving Compliance and Enforcement:

  • John Miles

    In the case of Hen Harrier how many times will Natural England ask a shooting estate if they have succeeded in allowing a pair of these birds to breed on their land without prosecuting them! An owner can say that he is trying to allow a pair to nest but his keepers may well be removing them. Proving what is happening on a moor is neigh impossible unless Natural England expect that their declining numbers of staff may be able to watch for 24 hours 7 days a week. To answer these questions and many more you need to fill in Annex 4 of the consultation document. Good Luck.