The White-tailed Sea Eagle (video)

One of our regular followers in northern Norway has just sent the attached link to this fantastic video portraying the Sea Eagle in a number of countries. Although most of the language spoken are not in English, we believe the images speak much better than a thousand words.


The video highlights the collection of several 8 week old eaglets by Dr.Allan Mee, Manager of the White-tailed Eagle reintroduction project in Kerry, from Norway before bringing the birds to Ireland where they were released into the wild as part of an ongoing Irish reintroduction project.  The video features an opposition group of irate Kerry farmers on the eaglets’ arrival at Kerry airport. Fifty-three WTE have been released since 2007 at Kerry, of these at least 13 have been found dead with seven confirmed as poisoned.


We invite you to look and enjoy what you see.

 [singlepic id=161 w=540 h=368 float=centre] 

There are now at least 500 pairs in Germany, 950 pairs in Poland, 50 pairs in the Czech Republic,

but after 37 years, there are less than 40 pairs in Scotland.

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