6 Golden Eagle deaths investigated at LADWP wind power generation site in the USA

Federal authorities in the United States are investigating the deaths of at least six golden eagles at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s Pine Tree Wind Project in the Tehachapi Mountains, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Tuesday.


A response to Mark Avery’s second news letter by John Miles

Mark has taken on the role here of ‘informant’ now he has left the RSPB and wants to convey the true story of what is happening around the world regarding nature conservation. In his latest ‘news letter’ [not blog] he talks about Red Grouse and Hen Harriers. Sadly Mark has missed a golden opportunity by […]

Golden Eagles Fall Prey to the Wind Industry – 2300 killed in the past 25 years in USA.

By Jim Wiegand, wildlife biologist, University of California, Berkeley.

The controversy surrounding wind farms in America has been brewing for over 25 years. The debate centers around the use of the deadly propeller style wind turbines and the large death toll to what are supposedly protected species. One of these species, the federally protected […]

Giant turbine blades likely to claim lives of migrating geese and whooper swans into the NW of England following High Court Ruling.

There is no doubt that the giant turbines will kill some pink-footed geese, which migrate to Britain during the winter, however Mr Juctice Pelling sitting as a High Court judge in Manchester, rejected all the grounds of a recent wind farm challenge. So So much for our (and European) biodiversity laws. Even Judges ignore them.