Angels with Dirty Wings, Norway – Is this a glimpse into the future awaiting European Eagles

“It is being called the greatest attack on nature in Norway’s history, as power companies want to build thousands of wind turbines along the coast. Large areas of untouched nature are in danger of being industrialised. Coastal people protest against their new neighbours that will fill the horizon and biologists fear that we are destroying our last wilderness.”

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SMØLA WIND PARK  has been a catastrophe for White-tailed eagles in Norway.”

‘Since becoming operational in 2006 after a great amount of pomp and ceremony, Smøla wind park was declared open, unfortunately we have to point out that nine white tailed eagles were killed by the wind turbines within just 9 months of operation. This Nature Magazine programme for Norwegian TV1 is beautifully filmed and does not need any understanding of the language to follow the story of what the wind industry has done to Smøla and threatens to do to the Norwegian coastal skerries, which are not only incredibly beautiful, but also an important ecosystem and avian migration route of international importance.

This Norwegian video shows the damage wind farms are caused to the White-tailed eagle  in Norway. Is this what we really want to happen here in the UK. The video is long but well worth watching even if you do not understand the language. Raptor Politics can only hope the destruction of  such iconic eagles in Norway may bring our government to its senses before we lose a species recently brought back from extinction to grace our sky’s once more with their magnificent beauty.

View Angels with dirty wings video here: 

Windfarm in Smola Archipelego (Norway), new file.

BBC News item Smola, numbers of White-tailed eagles falling.

A study of White-tailed Eagle

movements and mortality at Smola and other wind farm in Norway

3 comments to Angels with Dirty Wings, Norway – Is this a glimpse into the future awaiting European Eagles

  • Tim Sarney

    Norway is a country which has large amounts of hydro power, and uses a large portion of Denmark’s wind generated electricity for pumped / stored hydro yet they are destroying some of the most beautiful and remote parts of
    Europe with large wind farms. Norway does not need these wind farms to meet renewables targets. As always, money must be the driver, and lots of it. The impacts on the raptors and other ecology are horrific. Why is this not illegal?? Whilst Norway is not in the EU and the European Habitats Directive may not be applicable, there must be International and Norwegian laws protecting the raptors.

    This link should be sent to every Scottish MSP – Scotland is rapidly going down the same road – and is in the EU and therefore subject to the EU Habitats Directive (in addition to UK legislation). Its time these wind farm owners were prosecuted for deliberately killing birds.

  • Holly Spencer

    With all the technology we have today, you would think there is a way to have the turbines and protect the habitat. There has to be a protective cover or barrier over these turbines. Us humans are a disease to this planet and need to protect it!

  • Sally

    There are other wind turbine designs, VAT, vetical axis turbines, that seem much less dangerous to wildlife than the huge fan-like blades commonly in use!!