Angels with Dirty Wings, Norway – Is this a glimpse into the future awaiting European Eagles

“It is being called the greatest attack on nature in Norway’s history, as power companies want to build thousands of wind turbines along the coast. Large areas of untouched nature are in danger of being industrialised. Coastal people protest against their new neighbours that will fill the horizon and biologists fear that we are destroying […]

Landowners at war over wind farm threat to Britain’s golden eagles

Raptor Politics has decided to re-publish this article first published in 2004 to highlight that most polititions are not only prepared to tell lies, many are also hypocrites. Just read what the conservatives were saying then when they were the opposition party about the encouragement Government subsidies provide for renewable energy projects and how these […]

Gamekeepers say they are the ‘true protectors of the countryside’, not the RSPB

Gamekeepers are the real stewards of the countryside, according to a new report that found land managed for shooting covers a wider area than all of Britain’s nature reserves.