Update- Police raid which took place on Inverness-shire Shooting estate

On 19 July we reported that the Northern Constabulary had raided a shooting estate close to Inverness looking for suspected evidence which would prove wildlife crimes had taken place on the estate, which so far has not been named.

Today we are able to tell our readers the sad news,  the raid was initiated after information supplied to the police has allegedly indicated the corpses of 4 red kites, 1 golden eagle together with 1 white-tailed eagle may have been found poisoned on the un-named shooting estate in Inverness-shire.

More information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.  


3 comments to Update- Police raid which took place on Inverness-shire Shooting estate

  • John Miles

    Like I said before No law in this country for the rich. Throw the book at them and see if they can read it in jail.

  • harrier man

    The daily telegraph has just published an article saying that keepers are the true protectors of the countryside and not the RSPB, reading about this raid and many incidents in the past shows that they are a million miles away from being protectors. They continue to take public money for so called stewardship and continue to break the law what a crazy system as John states no law for the rich.

    • Mick Hall

      But what about the none publicized finding of birds of prey found in a freezer near Glen Livet whereby the owner of the freezer said it was neither him or his keepers who had put the birds in the freezer!!!!! A likely story ???????