Wind farm planning proposal for two of Scotland’s Golden Eagle Special Protection Areas Refused.

[singlepic id=359 w=210 h=158 float=left]RSPB Scotland has welcomes decision to refuse consent for Stacain wind farm in Argyll, which would have been a threat to Golden Eagles in the region. This is the second time that Scotland’s Ministers have refused consent for the 14-turbine wind farm at Stacain, near Inveraray, following a six-year planning process involving two formal public inquiries.

Developer Bagmoor Wind’s proposal would have been located within the Glen Etive and Glen Fyne Special Protection Area (SPA) for Golden Eagles and, if approved, would have posed a significant threat to the birds, due to habitat loss and risk of collision with turbines. There are just over 440 pairs of Golden Eagles left in Scotland, and a 2008 report by SNH found that the conservation status of Scotland’s golden eagle population was unfavourable.  The main constraint nationally was identified as illegal killing, but wind farm development was an additional factor in Argyll and in Caithness.

Commenting on the decision, Aedan Smith of RSPB Scotland said: “We are very pleased with Scottish Ministers’ decision.  It is the right one for wildlife and renewable energy.  This proposal would have caused serious harm to the eagles and to the reputation of wind farms, making it more difficult to deliver the renewable energy we need to tackle climate change.”

“We were particularly pleased to see robust opposition to the proposals from SNH.  RSPB Scotland, SNH and the local community have had to invest a major amount of time and money to fight this completely inappropriate proposal for over 6 years.  It is enormously frustrating that we needed to do this when our efforts, and those of developers, should be going towards delivering renewables in the right place that do not harm Scotland’s precious wildlife and habitats.”

Additional details on the decision can be found here.

To read the Scottish Minister’s letter of refusal, in particular clause 8 on the second page is we feel very important, 

click the attached PDF here J189417


3 comments to Wind farm planning proposal for two of Scotland’s Golden Eagle Special Protection Areas Refused.

  • Lyndsey

    Good news. Can we hope the RSPB are beginning to realise what it stands for?

  • John Miles

    How many of these bird watchers do you know who carry out these environmental assessments? Now a national bird magazine is encouraging people to get into these jobs which in the long run destroys the environment not to mention the birds and bats.

  • paul williams

    I now know of 1 birdwatcher who does this work and is very well paid. I wonder how well he does his job and for who?