The reintrocuction of extinct species causing “mayhem” according to an article in the Telegraph

In an article published in todays Telegraph written by Jasper Copping,  a report by the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management claims the reintroduction into the wild of creatures like the beaver and sea eagle that had previously died out in Britain are endangering the countryside. At first glance you can be forgiven for thinking the article had been put together by Jasper Carrott the well-loved Birmingham stand up comic often seen on British TV screens at the end of the twentieth Century. For the most part the claims being made about certain species already reintroduced like the magnificent sea eagle, osprey and red kite are utter drivel based upon hysteria and ignorance, backed by the shooting fraternity. In our view, far from destroying the biodiversity of our countryside, these creatures enhance the countryside in which we live and not the other way around. As for any future reintroduction involving either the bear or the wolf, that would be entirely a different debate, which we believe the land owners will certainly win.

Centuries ago they roamed Britain freely until they were hunted to extinction. So a campaign to reintroduce species such as beavers, wolves and bears to the wild may seem like a just crusade.

But an influential group of vets has cautioned against the “vogue” for reintroducing creatures that previously died out in Britain, arguing that such schemes could be an environmental “disaster”.

A report by the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management, which represents about 550 vets who specialise in wild animals, describes reintroduction projects as “potential man-made threats to biodiversity”. It says that reintroduced species can become “over successful” and take over habitats from other animals and spread disease. “It is not sufficient justification to say they were in this country some hundreds of years ago,” it says.

Among species to have been reintroduced from other countries in recent years, are the sea eagle (or the white-tailed eagle), the beaver, the red kite and the osprey. The complete Telegraph article can be read here.

4 comments to The reintrocuction of extinct species causing “mayhem” according to an article in the Telegraph

  • Out of interest who says they are ‘influential’?

  • Andy

    Thats an unbelievable article considering this is the 21st century. In answer to your question, John, the number of times anti-raptor articles appear in the press suggest that there are influential people behind this kind of thing.

  • Mal Taylor

    Here we go again! Surprise surprise. The ‘Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management’ are a pro-hunting organisation with a vested interest in the eradication of birds of prey!

    The release of hundreds of thousands of Pheasants each year, an alien species to this country, could far more easily be interpreted as damaging to our biodiversity.Can’t see any details refering to them though in their report!

  • Coop

    As far as I’m concerned, the Telegraph always have been, and always will be lying scum.