Raptor Poisoning Report: Figures published for Scotland Spring 2011

Raptor Politics would like to thank Jim Roberts for sending details of a report into wildlife poisoning incidents throughout Scotland for this year The three pages of data was recently published on behalf of the Scottish Government by Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture for the period January until March 2011.

Once again details contained within this important document graphically illustrate the level of raptor poisoning currently taking place in Scotland which, disappointingly, show very little sign of reducing. In fact if anything the number of poisoning incidents recorded this year appear to indicate incidents are increasing. To read the complete report on the Scottish Government web site, just click on the attached PDF file. Positive Results 2011

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  • John Miles

    The use of poison on daily bases is not just carried out by shooting estates but by farms, shepherds and local councils. Even people feeding garden birds can end up with rats and then the council come down to lay poison to get rid of the pests. An example from Newcastle showed a mouse left on a bin to be disposed of later ended up on the lawn and a Red Kite came down and took it! More use of live trapping to catch rodents must be encouraged if Birds of Prey are not to be poisoned by the same people who love them.