Mark Avery new blog – Standing up for Nature.

 [singlepic id=329 w=184 h=225 float=left]Raptor Politics is pleased to announce details of Mark Avery’s new and what is likely to be an exciting and informative web blog. We would recommend to all our readers that you should each consider signing up to receive Mark’s monthly “Standing up for Nature” News Blast.

This month Mark writes about Mr Simon Jenkins, chairman of the National Trust who Mark refers to as a dedicated Raptor Hater. To follow Mark’s first “Blast” click here.

Birds of prey are ‘cannibals’ and ‘avian terrorists’ according to Jenkins and he bought the unecological arguments of the anti-nature lobby that birds of prey are wiping out songbirds and red grouse.  The article was cleverly written but ecologically ignorant and the great thing was the comments it attracted.

7 comments to Mark Avery new blog – Standing up for Nature.

  • Mike Price

    I have to question how someone with such views can hold a position such as his. As a conservation charity the National Trust should seriously think about whether or not this type of person is suitable for such a role.

    • TerryPickford, North West Raptor Protection Group

      I am sure the majority of people reading this story will whole heartedly agree with Mike. Anyone holding such an important position at the very top of a charity like the National Trust should now consider this or her position and stand down immediately.
      There must also be wide concern that the Derbyshire gamekeeper who was recently convicted by Chesterfield magistrates of seven serious wildlife offences should have worked on a National Trust property where the offences took place.

  • paul williams

    Are people like Jenkins elected to these positions of trust by the very people who also have a hatred for raptors? Stand down Simon Jenkins you are a disgrace to the meaning of TRUST.

    • Terry Pickford, North West Raptor Protection Group

      Paul, there will be a few individuals who Raptor Politics will be asking to stand down from positions of trust once this years Bowland breeding figures for peregrines and hen harrier are published later this year. The only word to describe the current situation is “catastrophic.” But what did anyone expect after licenses were removed from the North West Raptor Protection Group?

  • Coop

    It’s appalling (but not entirely surprising) that an ignoramus like Jenkins can hold such position. One wonders how decent NT members would react if they were made aware of this cretin’s remarks.

  • paul williams

    After monitoring (at a non disturbance distance ) this year, i have concluded that on private estates, 12 of last years peregrine nesting successes are this years failures. On information gathered it is also very much the same story on UU estates. Has a new head gamekeeper been elected on private estates?

  • Fell walker

    The ones that have been sucesfull are the ones in the public domain, and the two pairs of eagle owls(wonder why)?? and possibly the ones which has a photographic hide and camera located near to them???
    Very sad to see that there are very few breeding successes this year as compared to last year including peregrines, short eared owls and merlins……….. again ALL monitored from a non disturbance distance.