Flying with Cape vultures.

Everyone with an interest in raptors and their conservation should take time to view this truly remarkable footage taken in South Africa. Having taken the time to watch this short but truly inspiring footage, we guarantee you will be moved  by the beauty and grace of these winged icons, an integral and important part of our natural world. The question everyone should ask – how much longer will such a remarkable spectacle remain to enhance and improve our planet’s biodiversity ? “A Freedom to fly is what life is all about”, says Kerri Wolterss.

Kerri Wolters, somewhat of a “vulture whisperer” is a determined presence in the conservation world. Her ability to connect with and handle these birds as well as, to conduct wild captures, puts Kerri among the very few who recognize and advocate the vital role vultures play within society. Kerri takes us on a Path into the Future exploring not only threats on vulture survival, such as the muti trade and urbanization but the wealth of knowledge and freedom that these birds can pass on to the human race.

Taking a unique opportunity to paraglide, Kerri goes beyond the confines of the vulture enclosure and gains a perspective of life through the eyes and wings of the birds. Gliding with these misunderstood creatures Kerri’s eyes are further opened to the amount of beauty and wonder the modern world misses out on, she invites us as individuals to experience nature and thus gain an understanding of why this planet so deserves our protection.

Today only 2900 breeding pairs of the Cape Vulture remain worldwide. Path into the Future is produced by African Renaissance Productions as part of the Caretakers Series for STEPS and SANBI

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