Flying with Cape vultures.

Everyone with an interest in raptors and their conservation should take time to view this truly remarkable footage taken in South Africa. Having taken the time to watch this short but truly inspiring footage, we guarantee you will be moved by the beauty and grace of these winged icons, an integral and important part of […]

Golden Eagles, wind power don’t mix.

In April, Virgil Caine was spotted flying over and around the Boundary Mountains of Maine — again! Who is Virgil Caine? She is a golden eagle, maturing and deciding where to live, hunt and breed. This is her third summer here. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been tracking Ms. Caine for some years […]

Two Maltese hunters sentenced to long prison terms, plus a heavy fine.

Two men were today jailed in Malta for hunting illegally in the closed season.Joseph Darmanin, 39, of Qrendi was jailed for two years and fined €9,000 while Rene Bezzina, 27, of Gharghur, was jailed for a year and fined €5,000 after they were found guilty of hunting in the closed season in separate hearings.


Mark Avery new blog – Standing up for Nature.

[singlepic id=329 w=184 h=225 float=left]Raptor Politics is pleased to announce details of Mark Avery’s new and what is likely to be an exciting and informative web blog. We would recommend to all our readers that you should each consider signing up to receive Mark’s monthly “Standing up for Nature” News Blast.