Sir Mad Max of the Finacial Times joins the ranks of “raptor haters”.

[singlepic id=390 w=135 h=196 float= left]Raptor Politics has decided to add this story taken from Dr. Mark Avery’s blog as we feel the anti-bird of prey lobby appear to getting out of hand, using utter nonsense to promote their political agenda. How any one of Sir Max Hastings’ alleged intellect can be offended by […]

The Golden Eagle in Scotland – what future awaits these iconic raptors in the 21st Century?

For thousands of years the Golden Eagle has survived against all the odds, finding safe refuge in one of Scotland’s most rugged and beautiful landscapes in the Western Highlands of Argyll. Here amongst the isolated glens of Glen Coe’s peaceful Blackmount Forest as many as eight pairs of Golden Eagles have continued to raise their […]

Sky Dancing to save raptors, fund raising event in Scotland, your support is needed.

Steve’s Sky Dive fundraising page Fundraiser: Steve Smith

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I have chosen to highlight the persecution of raptors as part of my sky dive as I believe that these birds symbolise more than any other, the wildness that we still have in our country and how we must continue to preserve and protect […]

Grouse numbers up this year, but raptors take a beating on England’s uplands.


25th July, 2011

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In speaking about the importance of biodiversity throughout England’s heather moorlands today, both Dr Helen Phillips (NE) and Martin Gillibrand from the Moorland Association remain silent about the Iconic raptors which in most cases are missing […]

Cairngorms National Park Authority is first to adopt guidance on Wildness

The Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) has become the first planning authority to produce and adopt guidance on Wildness. Wildness is considered a special quality of the Cairngorms National Park which visitors come here to experience. CNPA Senior Heritage Officer Matthew Hawkins said: “We’re proud to lead the way in producing and adopting guidance on […]

Angels with Dirty Wings, Norway – Is this a glimpse into the future awaiting European Eagles

“It is being called the greatest attack on nature in Norway’s history, as power companies want to build thousands of wind turbines along the coast. Large areas of untouched nature are in danger of being industrialised. Coastal people protest against their new neighbours that will fill the horizon and biologists fear that we are destroying […]

Landowners at war over wind farm threat to Britain’s golden eagles

Raptor Politics has decided to re-publish this article first published in 2004 to highlight that most polititions are not only prepared to tell lies, many are also hypocrites. Just read what the conservatives were saying then when they were the opposition party about the encouragement Government subsidies provide for renewable energy projects and how these […]

Gamekeepers say they are the ‘true protectors of the countryside’, not the RSPB

Gamekeepers are the real stewards of the countryside, according to a new report that found land managed for shooting covers a wider area than all of Britain’s nature reserves.


RSPB advertised Job Vacancy – Skydancers People Engagement Officer (Externally Funded)

[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float=left]Are you passionate about the uplands and the wildlife that lives there? Can you inspire and engage people of all ages showing them birds and harnessing their imagination? Can you connect the importance of upland agriculture and land management with the conservation of one of our rarest breeding birds? If the […]

Danish Wind Farm Activists – Appeal for our support.

[singlepic id=374 w=240 h=159 float=left]Appeal by Danish anti-wind farm activists to help prevent a Danish test centre for giant wind turbines going ahead. Many activists simply laid down in front of the authorities’ machines to prevent the cutting down of a huge forest which would allow the scheme to proceed. Activists are camping out […]