Chris Packham – A long and hard look at the “Truth” about the management of England’s Wildlife.

Chris Packham investigates the state of the nation’s woods, heaths and moors. Follow the attached link to view Chris Packham views.


Naturalist Chris Packham presents a hard-hitting personal look at what is wrong with wildlife conservation in England.

Despite millions of pounds of public money being spent, many key habitats […]

Conservation’s Dirty Secrets

[singlepic id=315 w=200 h=113 float=left]Dispatches reporter Oliver Steeds travels the globe to investigate the conservation movement and its major organisations. Steeds finds that the movement, far from stemming the tide of extinction that’s engulfing the planet, have got some of its conservation priorities wrong.


Mull’s White-tailed eagles continues to bring £5 million in benefit each year to the Island

[singlepic id=156 w=158 h=225 float=left]The findings of a study undertaken by the Progressive Partnership, commissioned by the RSPB, found that tourism generated by the reintroduction of the White-tailed eagle supports the equivalent of 110 full-time jobs. The calculations were based on a survey of more than 1,200 people who visited the island in 2010. Almost […]

Is the shooting fraternity losing the plot?

Reading through a variety of reported incidents on raptor persecution, and meeting up a couple of nights ago with two friends who made a critical contribution to Hen Harrier protection in the 1980’s and 1990’s, has caused me to reflect further on the situation we currently find ourselves in as far as raptors are […]

Speyside Osprey rung in 2009 by Roy Dennis arrives back in Scotland

Rothiemurchus is the name that Roy Dennis gave to one of three Osprey chicks he rang on Speyside in Augest 2009. Rothiemurchus was the oldest chick of a brood consisting of three males at nest A18 on Rothiemurchus Estate, near Aviemore in Scotland. Roy explains that he had a hazardous first autumn migration and was […]

£2.6 million pay out to Scottish wind farms NOT to produce energy in May

Monday 13th June 2011- Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) reported that four energy companies were paid to switch off turbines on 16 occasions in May. The most expensive shutdown occurred on May 24, when seven wind farms came off-line for a total of 69 hours at a cost to the grid of £613,000. This includes over […]

Derbyshire Gamekeeper “Guilty” on all seven charges

North East Derbyshire & Dales Magistrates Court sitting at Chesterfield this morning delivered their verdict, Mr. Glen Brown, gamekeeper, has been found guilty of a seven charges today by the court. At this time we have no additional information of the sentence handed down, however it is likely to be sever taking into account the […]

Kielder Peregrine Falcons this year

[singlepic id=298 w=200 h=200 float=left]Mangers at the Kielder Forest are working to ensure that Peregrine Falcons continue to grace northern skies. Forestry Commission experts have begun ringing chicks produced by the magnificent creature, which until recently was one of the most persecuted birds in Britain. This year 11 nests are being monitored in the 62,000-hectare […]

United Utilities provides security camera at secure peregrine nest.

The hen harrier after all is now regarded by the RSPB and presumably Natural England as most threatened and endangered raptor in England. It is difficult to understand why some form of limited technology was not used from the beginning in Derbyshire as the threats to previous hen harrier nests in this location were well […]

Lead ammunition threatening the recovery of the Californian Condor

[singlepic id=311 w=216 h=290 float=left]Six California Condors, among the most endangered birds in the world, have recently been recovered suffering from lead poisoning. Three of these subsequently died from lead poisoning from ammunition, while three others were treated for lead poisoning, according to The Peregrine Fund’s Condor Recovery Program in Arizona. This brings the total […]