Suspected poachers in Lancashire will be sent warning letters by police.

Vehicle number plates reported to police by residents will result in a note sent to the registered owner, in the latest drive to stop animal hunting and theft of farming equipment in Lancashire’s rural areas.

Lancashire Constabulary’s wildlife officer Mark Thomas said: “When we receive information about suspicious vehicles we will be contacting owners so that they are aware that their vehicle was reported to us.

“If they were going about legitimate business, we hope that this will reassure them that the police are working to keep Lancashire safe so that their visit to the area was without event.

“However, if they were in the area to poach or commit other crimes the letter will be a warning that they are being watched and that Lancashire does not welcome criminals.”

Mark added: “We regularly work with our neighbouring forces in Merseyside and Cumbria to prevent criminals travelling across borders to commit crime in rural areas and use text schemes, such as FarmWatch, in more remote areas to send information out to residents so that they can take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of crime.”


Perhaps the Lancashire police should consider extending this important scheme to those “suspected” criminals involved in the persecution of Lancashire’s raptors. 2011 has been one of the worst years on record for peregrine nest failures in the Forest of Bowland; what is being done by the police to combat this unacceptable situation now that a majority of these nests are unprotected?

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  • nirofo

    The police never were much use when it comes down to upholding the wildlife protection laws, especially if the wildlife happens to be Raptors on shooting estates. Now that Natural England have removed the licences from the NWRPG the Raptors have virtually no one looking out for them and the RSPB have shown just what can happen when it’s left entirely up to them. As for Natural England, what use are they when they are controlled by the very people who control the shooting estates.