Wind Farm Proliferation in the Scottish Highlands could spell the end of the Golden Eagle

The wind farm rush is still on here in the Highlands with developers and landowners looking to make vast profits for inefficient wind power paid for by all of us on our energy bills. Developers proposals are now threatening Ben Wyvis with Glenmorie and Clach Liath wind farms and it looks like there will soon be a stretch of monster turbines from Novar to Fairburn on virtually every hill.

On the Glenmorie propaganda they say the site layout has been specifically designed to minimise impacts on Golden Eagle flight patterns. Yes but what about the wind farm next door or the one next door to that? Are we really supposed to believe these birds and other raptors will manage to miss all of them? It will be impossible to protect them. If all these proposals get planning approval I hope the RSPB will hang their heads in shame as the reports of bird deaths flood in – that is supposing anyone bothers to report them!

Check out the map at Highland Council to see what is proposed. Or go to and for lots more information. If you have time read the older posts too as they have been debating wind farms for quite a while.

Everyone should write to their MP and the Scottish Government – this is not acceptable development. Perhaps we should all refuse to pay that portion they take from us on our electricity bills to pay for the subsidies on wind farms until they listen to us.


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  • We have already started to get back at the energy companies by saying that we are not going to pay the renewables charge. It is not a lawful request and is only an arrangement between the energy companies and the government and we have not been informed of their intention to take money from us for this purpose. It is an abuse under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulation 1999. If your energy provider does not respond to your complaint then contact Consumer Direct and make a complaint. If they receive enough complaints then they have to look into it. I am sick of paying for wind farms that are destroying everything that is precious to us.

  • angus farquhar

    The planning application has now been submitted to Highland Council. The notice in the Ross-shire Journal was in on 25th May 2012.
    A link to the Highland Council here . Please pass this on, in the hope that many people will object.