Bats, birds and blades: wind turbines and biodiversity by Mark Lynas

[singlepic id=316 w=400 h=300 float=left]Everyone should take the time to read what Mr Lynas has to say about wind turbines and their adverse affect upon wildlife, in particular large birds of prey in many countries. Because the original article is covered by copy right Raptor Politics has provided a link below to the complete article. […]

Chris Packham – A long and hard look at the “Truth” about the management of England’s Wildlife.

Chris Packham investigates the state of the nation’s woods, heaths and moors. Follow the attached link to view Chris Packham views.


Naturalist Chris Packham presents a hard-hitting personal look at what is wrong with wildlife conservation in England.

Despite millions of pounds of public money being spent, many key habitats […]