Lead ammunition threatening the recovery of the Californian Condor

[singlepic id=311 w=216 h=290 float=left]Six California Condors, among the most endangered birds in the world, have recently been recovered suffering from lead poisoning. Three of these subsequently died from lead poisoning from ammunition, while three others were treated for lead poisoning, according to The Peregrine Fund’s Condor Recovery Program in Arizona. This brings the total […]

Heather grouse moors help make England’s best wildlife sites extra special claims Natural England.

[singlepic id=182 w=252 h=358 float=left]Read all about Natural England’s involvement with these upland “Sites of Special Scientific Interest”, areas described as the country’s best wildlife sites, and then ask yourself if the habitat is so good and being managed so well, why are harriers absent from 99.9% of these wonderful moorland regions. The answer is […]