Derbyshire’s only Hen Harriers destroyed along with their clutch of 7 eggs.

After being disturbed and then intentionally moved on once after making their first nesting attempt this year, the pair of nesting hen harriers located in the Goyt valley between Buxton and Macclesfield resettled at a second nest site on the same moor where the female managed to lay a clutch of seven eggs. [singlepic id=310 […]

Verdict Derbyshire Gamekeeper to be announced 13th June.

The Verdict in the case of Derbyshire Gamekeeper Glenn Brown will be delivered on Monday 13th June by North East Derbyshire & Dales Magistrates Court at Chesterfield .


RSPB expresses anger at wild bird killings in Scotland

[singlepic id=242 w=200 h=300 float=left]The RSPB has expressed concern over the high number of wild birds illegally killed in Tayside. The comments were made after recent statistics were published by the Scottish Government, which show a total of 14 incidents detected in the area over a 12-month period until March 2011.


Bowland Eagle Owls – Fantastic Success 2011

[singlepic id=308 w430 h=285 float=left]Despite the misgivings voiced by a number of experts, Bowland’s eagle owls are showing they are able to coexist along side other nesting raptors without any problems so far. This year the pair of owls located in the Dunsop valley have succeeded in raising their best brood ever despite residing in […]