Windfarms – We now have to pay twice to destroy our upland biodiversity.

We now have to pay twice to destroy our upland biodiversity. When will we get a sensible energy policy which protects our ecology and biodiversity – and which will guarantee our electricty supply at a reasonable price?:


16 White-tailed Eagles Chicks arrive in Scotland – A Gift from the Norwegian Government

[singlepic id=319 w=400 h=265 float=left]Sixteen White-tailed eagle chicks, gifted to Scotland from Norway as part of a major reintroduction project, have been settling into their temporary home at a secret location in Fife. The eaglets, welcomed at Edinburgh Airport on Friday [24th June] by Norwegian Consul Mona Røhne and Environment & Climate Change Minister Stewart […]

Ireland’s Golden Eagle Trust encouraging destruction of foxes and birds

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports (ICABS) has called on the Golden Eagle Trust to stop presenting foxes as pests and encouraging farmers to shoot them. The group has also been criticised for suggesting the use of cruel Larsen traps for capturing foxes and magpies.


Suspected poachers in Lancashire will be sent warning letters by police.

Vehicle number plates reported to police by residents will result in a note sent to the registered owner, in the latest drive to stop animal hunting and theft of farming equipment in Lancashire’s rural areas.


Do we publise or hide our wildlife – Windermere Otters

Following the reported death of one of the Otters on Windermere after the Westmorland Gazette had advertised the location of where the public could watch the animals a correspondent claimed the newspaper was to blame for this death.


Wind Farm Proliferation in the Scottish Highlands could spell the end of the Golden Eagle

The wind farm rush is still on here in the Highlands with developers and landowners looking to make vast profits for inefficient wind power paid for by all of us on our energy bills. Developers proposals are now threatening Ben Wyvis with Glenmorie and Clach Liath wind farms and it looks like there will soon […]

Windermere otter found dead in illegal trap

[singlepic id=317 w=320 h=240 float=left]Otters were first spotted swimming in Lake Windermere in February 2011 after many years absence. Police and Environment Agency officials are investigating the death of an otter found in an illegal trap on Lake Windermere this week. The otter was discovered on Thursday and is believed to have been in the […]

Gyrfalcon – New research conclude this arctic falcon spends long periods living and hunting at sea.

The world’s largest falcon, the fast, taloned gyrfalcon, is a secret seabird, scientists have discovered. Gyrfalcons living in the high Arctic overwinter out at sea, spending long periods living and hunting on pack ice. It is the first time any falcon species has been found regularly living at sea.


Raptor Politics – how licenses are being manipulated to undermine raptor conservation in Bowland.

Recent comments made by one Raptor Politics contributor suggests their has been no evidence of a conspiracy to remove licenses held by the local raptor group working within Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland this year. This is my reasoned reply to all sceptics, who despite the evidence posted on this website to the contrary, just goes […]

Bats, birds and blades: wind turbines and biodiversity by Mark Lynas

[singlepic id=316 w=400 h=300 float=left]Everyone should take the time to read what Mr Lynas has to say about wind turbines and their adverse affect upon wildlife, in particular large birds of prey in many countries. Because the original article is covered by copy right Raptor Politics has provided a link below to the complete article. […]