Grouse moor owners shamed!

The recent BBC TV documentary, “Fair Game? Scotland’s Sporting Estates”, cast a very penetrating light on the approaches willing to be employed by some private shooting estates in pursuance of their commercial activities.

Abandoned, it seemed, were any real “sporting” sentiments towards wildlife set against the paramount objectives of providing diversionary “recreation” for the wealthy […]

Climate Change will not kill Raptors but the Government’s cure might!

[singlepic id=300 w=368 h=444 float=left]From early in my life I have been a licensed game dealer and so I have got to know the game industry from the inside. Game keepers have always, to my experience, been extremely proud of their job, their land and their connections to the natural world. They tend to look […]

Back Home With An Idea by Jimmi Hill

Ireland was fantastic such a friendly place and what a gorgeous city Dublin is, the history and architecture was brilliant and the Guinness is pretty special there too. Sadly the only birds of prey I got to see was the pair of Snowy Owls at Dublin Zoo, I’m not a big fan of zoo’s as […]

Political Greenpeace Loses Charity Status in Landmark Court Ruling

In a landmark court ruling in New Zealand that will send tremors around the world, the once respected Greenpeace has been stripped of its charity status by a New Zealand Court.