Skibo estate worker prosecuted for Carbofuran possession

Dean Barr, 44, of Clashmore, Dornoch, admitted possessing 10kg of Carbofuran – enough illegal poison to “wipe out the entire Scottish golden eagle and red kite populations several times over”.

“Despite the find, the Crown accepted Barr had no part in the deaths of two golden eagles and a sparrow hawk found on the estate […]

Amazon conservation activist and wife shot dead in Brazil

[singlepic id=306 w460 h=287 float=left]An Amazon rainforest activist and his wife have been shot dead in northern Brazil as the country’s Congress debated a divisive land bill that threatens to increase deforestation.

Federal authorities said a rubber tapper and leading forest conservationist, whom Brazil’s presidency identified as Joao Claudio Ribeiro da Silva, and his wife […]

The problems being caused by Raptor Politics in the UK.

The North West Raptor Protection Group (NWRPG) was Britain’s first conservation organisation of its kind established in 1967 specifically created to monitor and protect bird of prey populations in the N W of England. Forty Four years ago because it was estimated only seven breeding pairs of peregrines remained in the North West of England […]

Wind Farms – The money bonanza for some.

The RSPB believe climate change will kill more birds than wind farms. For that reason, on the whole, they support wind energy. Climate change – another can of worms and why we are in this ridiculous situation of unachievable renewable targets and the race for wind power. For every scientist the government wheel out telling […]

Climate Change will not kill Raptors but the Government’s cure might! (Part Two)

Because of the vital importance of the wind-farm debate and the significant detrimental effect wind-farms pose to raptors in particular throughout the world, Raptor Politics decided to publish a second part to the above article. We now enclose three important comments each relating to the damage being caused to wildlife by these dangerous installations and […]

Third Rutland Osprey Disappears under suspicious circumstances – possibly shot.

[singlepic id=227 w400 h=266 float=left]Last April two male Ospreys disappeared in suspicious circumstances from nests close to the reservoir and did not return. Now a third male, known as 08(97), has gone missing from the same area in south west Rutland leaving his mate incubating eggs. The missing bird was the first to return to […]

Second Red Kite from the 2010 release in Cumbria found shot

[singlepic id=205 w=540 h=259 float=centre]

A second red kite from the group of 30 birds reintroduced into Cumbria at Grizedale in 2010 after a gap of 160 years has been found shot dead.

Rangers believe that 20 survived the winter, which is in line with natural mortality rates.

However, this second bird was found […]

Landmark ruling over use of lead to shoot wildfowl

[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float=left]A member of a shooting party has become the first person in England to be convicted of shooting a bird with lead shot.

Simon Quince, of Hemingfield, Barnsley, shot a young mute swan on an organised pheasant shoot at Spellow Grange, near Minskip, North Yorkshire. He was fined a total of […]

Grouse moor owners shamed!

The recent BBC TV documentary, “Fair Game? Scotland’s Sporting Estates”, cast a very penetrating light on the approaches willing to be employed by some private shooting estates in pursuance of their commercial activities.

Abandoned, it seemed, were any real “sporting” sentiments towards wildlife set against the paramount objectives of providing diversionary “recreation” for the wealthy […]

Climate Change will not kill Raptors but the Government’s cure might!

[singlepic id=300 w=368 h=444 float=left]From early in my life I have been a licensed game dealer and so I have got to know the game industry from the inside. Game keepers have always, to my experience, been extremely proud of their job, their land and their connections to the natural world. They tend to look […]