Mark Avery speaks frankly about his personal concern for the Hen Harrier

Many of us who over the years have taken the time to read Mark Avery’s Blog can not help but be impressed by his out spoken and candid attitude on a multitude of  important issues, this includes birds of prey. There can be no doubt the RSPB will find it very difficult to find a suitable replacement to fill Mark Avery’s shoes.

Recently Mark Avery talked openly once more about his personal concerns for the future of the Hen Harriers in Britain pointing out that he and the RSPB believe that this is a species which is still being ruthlessly killed by some of those involved with grouse shooting.  The evidence for this comes from science, rumour, film evidence, a few court cases and the more honest members of the shooting fraternity.  And this regular killing is of course totally illegal.

Raptor Politics strongly feels that what Mark Avery has to say on this important issue is very pertinent, because if some radical solution is not found and implemented the Hen Harrier is very likely to become extinct sooner rather than later.

At the end of Mark’s latest Blog on the Hen Harrier, this is what he had to say.  “I have had moments when I have wondered whether this issue is so small in the big scheme of things that we should simply move on.  But then I always come back to the fact that if the RSPB does not speak up about this issue then precious few others will.  And it’s wrong – killing protected wildlife is wrong.”

But what do you think?  Should the RSPB take a deep breath and calm down on this subject – or perhaps redouble its efforts?  You tell me.

To read the complete Blog  dated 27 April follow the attached link.

6 comments to Mark Avery speaks frankly about his personal concern for the Hen Harrier

  • Harrier Man

    With proposals to rid us of the wildlife and countryside act what chance the hen harrier afterwards, its ruthlessly removed from the uplands of England as it is this will see the last nail in the coffin for the species in England.

  • Mike Price

    Such a fantastic bird cannot be allowed to become extinct because a minority do not approve of it’s preference for managed moorland.

  • che

    Is this one of the reasons NorthWest Raptor Protection Group have been refused a license to monitor Hen Harriers? I guess its one way of keeping the persecution of Hen Harriers away from the public, while at the same time protecting the image of the landowners and their gamekeepers.

  • Now that Mark Avery is about to leave his job with the RSPB, or he may have already left, he now seems to be doing an awful lot of talking about the protection of Hen Harriers etc. – its a pity he did did not speak up earlier, as he has had many years to do so ! He reminds me of a former Northern Ireland Director Bob Brown, who when he was in the job did absolutely nothing for harriers or any other species for that matter ! Then when he thankfully did everyone a favour and left the job, he never stopped spouting out in the media that enough was being done in N. Ireland to protect several vulnerable species. Prior to leaving and the years he was in the job, he was in the prime position to do something about it, but as per usual he failed miserably – Mark Avery appears to be of the same ilk and from the same mould as him – do nothing or say nothing until you are leaving, then make a big thing of what you should have been saying and doing when you were in the job ! To late Mark, bye, bye, and good riddance !!

  • che

    so, you knew all along about raptor persecution mark avery but said nothing, and so will your successor,spineless and limp wristed comes to mind.

  • Zhaan5

    Think this criticism of Mark Avery is unfair as he did speak up, many many times during his tenure at the RSPB. How else do you think the Society gathered over 300,000 names on its birds of prey campaign petition. Gamekeepers and grouse moor owners hate Mark, so he must be doing something right