Don’t scrap protection, coalition warned

The International Centre for Birds of Prey (ICBP) has warned the UK’s coalition government against scrapping the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

The ICBP’s director, Jemima Parry-Jones MBE, warned Prime Minister David Cameron that scrapping the act will tarnish his reputation and that of his government, adding that he had promised the country the greenest government ever.

She said: “I fail to understand what this government is trying to achieve by potentially scrapping, not just the Wildlife and Countryside Act, but also the Climate Change Act. It’s a crime against the planet, and who does it benefit?

“To label the Wildlife and Countryside Act and other green laws as “red tape” is quite outrageous. What exactly are they putting in the water inside Downing Street these days? This is just the latest attempt to pit environmental progress against the free market. But just as they found with forests, the government will find that the public don’t see environmental protection as needless red tape.

“The history of environmental protection is built on an understanding that markets alone cannot reflect the important social and cultural value we ascribe to nature, or ensure that we hand on a better legacy to the next generation. We will fight yet again to ensure this Act is not scrapped.”

The Wildlife and Countryside Act governs the protection of wild birds, animals and plants, plus national parks, marine reserves and sites of special scientific interest.

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