Scottish windfarm industry accused over misleading power claims

A study supported by the John Muir Trust conservation charity revealed that schemes metered by National Grid were producing less than 10% of their potential energy output for a third of the time.

Its author said the results of his two-year investigation contradicted claims by industry and government that windfarms were commonly running at 30% capacity – with the average closer to 24%.

The Scottish Government and industry body Scottish Renewables said they had “no confidence” in the findings and the official figure for average output was closer to 27%.

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2 comments to Scottish windfarm industry accused over misleading power claims

  • Dave

    The sooner the subsidies to these developments are cut the better. For birds of course, but also most importantly the public who are having to pay exorbitant charges in their electric bills to finance them.

  • nirofo

    I wonder why it has taken so long for people to wake up to the fact that these windfarms never were a viable proposition for our so-called cheap green energy, it started out as an extremely costly political venture and it’s now an even more costly political venture with no benefits other than to the highly subsidised manufacturers, builders and land owners who grow rich on our folly.

    It’s been long known that the windmills don’t cut it for our ever growing energy needs and never will, as for being green and environmentally friendly with low carbon emissions, total rubbish from the start, most of them are built in areas that are environmentally and visually sensitive, even on SSSI’s. Massive new infrastructures are needed requiring huge tracts of land for mile after mile of pylons and power lines, sub stations, miles of access roads, all this releases huge amounts of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, more than they will save in their whole lifetime of practical use.

    Even when these windfarms are producing power at their maximum when the wind blows, (so-called) 30% efficiency they still need full 24 hours a day backup from our nuclear and coal fired power stations. In order for us to produce anything like the power we need from windfarms alone now, never mind the future, we would have to cover just about every square acre of open ground in the country with them.

    Time to bring an end to this disastrous folly now before even more environmental damage is done to our countryside.