Perthshire Estate Raided by Tayside Police

A county estate in Perthshire has been searched by Tayside police after two dead buzzards and bait were discovered. A 62 year old man was arrested and questioned by the police but was later released.

Tayside police had obtained a search warrant to undertake a search of a number of properties on the estate at 8 am on Wednesday 7th April. A number of items were confiscated and will now under go forensic examination and testing in a bid to establish whether banned pesticide had been used, or if any other offences had been committed.

Alan Stewart wildlife and environmental officer with the Tayside police said “3 weeks ago we found two poisoned buzzards and poisoned bait on the estate and enquiries are now ongoing to establish the source of poison used. “

As the police have so far declined to provide any additional detail at this time we are unable to publish the name of the estate which they raided, but will do so as soon as this information becomes available.

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