Teesside Racing Pigeon Group calls for United Campaign against Peregrine

North of England racing pigeon group members are calling for all National racing pigeon organisations in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales to unite in a concerted effort to counter the threat caused to their racing interests by the peregrine.

The full story can be read by following the attached link to a Teesside Pigeon Forum.


The forum thread begins on page (1) which includes a number of interesting images of nesting peregrines reportedly provided by an RSPB member to a senior member of one racing pigeon group?

The following quotes have been taken from the forum threads and relate to a number of peregrine images and pigeon rings provided by an RSPB member who was photographed while ringing peregrines. A number of active peregrine nest sites in the North East are also named in many of the threads already published:

  • Why not the CONFEDERATION because we are all in the same boat now, England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales all getting battered by hawks!!! Come on officials pull your fingers out, get together and put forward a united front!!!!!!!!!

  • “got some more pics today from my mate at RSPB they rung 2 more chicks at wilton today ………..will upload pics”.

  • “had a phone call from one of the lads in Hartlepool saying he had a mountain of rings from the nest of these peregrines here are the next 2 tormentors”

  • “they will be laying eggs in the next week [hope they get smashed]”

Raptor Politics questions the ethical and moral justification for passing such images and rings recovered at nests when ringing peregrine chicks to a pigeon group who are obviously anti peregrine falcon. These images can only serve to inflame the present situation which is bad enough already. Surley the question needs to be asked why were these images and rings provided to a racing pigeon group member in the first place, when the detail is then being published by the racing pigeon fraternity to aid their anti-peregrine propaganda campaign? Come on BTO and RSPB, this needs investigating!

4 comments to Teesside Racing Pigeon Group calls for United Campaign against Peregrine

  • This is disgraceful, how can these people be allowed to ring, and take images of Peregrines if they pass on the info straight too these pigeon fanciers.

  • paul williams

    Do RSPB fieldworkers do the same in the Forest of Bowland i wonder? Eggs missing, chicks missing, deserted nests! Now they do not want the North West Raptor Protection Group to monitor Peregrine Falcons in Bowland nor do United Utilities want our members monitoring nests on their land because we will publish details of failed and persecuted nests..these are dark days.

  • che of bowland

    I now think it is time for the RSPB to leave the Forest of Bowland well alone if this is how they conduct there monitoring

  • nirofo

    Pigeon lofts are far easier to locate than Peregrine nests, many are located in quiet allotment areas, they can easily be located and seen on Google Earth !!! They are easily fed with corn and bits of bread ???

    But then I’m rambling, what’s that got to do with pigeon fanciers hating Peregrines.