The Red Kite extinct in England since 1765 now back on top.

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The RSPB is celebrating the “remarkable” comeback of the Red Kite, a bird which had almost become extinct in Britain. For more than 400 years the bird of prey was killed as vermin and by the 1960s there were just 20 pairs. But the organisation’s 2011 Big Garden Birdwatch survey […]

Mark Avery speaks frankly about his personal concern for the Hen Harrier

Many of us who over the years have taken the time to read Mark Avery’s Blog can not help but be impressed by his out spoken and candid attitude on a multitude of important issues, this includes birds of prey. There can be no doubt the RSPB will find it very difficult to find a […]

Don’t scrap protection, coalition warned

The International Centre for Birds of Prey (ICBP) has warned the UK’s coalition government against scrapping the Wildlife and Countryside Act.


Important UK Wildlife Regulations could be scrapped to save money.

Raptor Politics always knew the country was strapped for cash but the latest economy saving proposals to reduce “Red Tape” being put on the table by Vince Cable seem to have gone too far and are nothing short of lunacy. It seems that in Mr Cables view the greenest government image no longer applies […]

Flame Retardants Compounds found in Peregrine Falcon eggs.

[singlepic id=184 w=408 h=537 float=left]Researchers studying peregrine falcon eggs in Spain and Canada have found that chemicals commonly added to fabrics and plastics as flame retardants have been transferred to the eggs of these majestic birds.


Second installment: Suppress the Truth by Shooting the Messenger.

Several weeks ago Raptor Politics published their first part of a story titles “Suppress the Truth by Shooting the Messenger”. To read the first part of this two part article follow the attached link. This is the second part of the story which is now beginning to show the other side of this political […]

Wandering aimlessly on a sunny Sunday Morning

It has now been over five weeks since the North West Raptor Group submitted two Freedom of Information requests to Natural England. The first request asked for clarification regarding the installation of the video camera at the abandoned hen harrier nest containing six eggs. The second Freedom of Information request submitted by the raptor group […]

2011 exciting year in store for British Osprey

[singlepic id=227 w=400 h=265 float=left]News just received by Raptor Politics indicates that the Bassenthwaite pair of Ospreys which were visible from the Dodd wood observation point last year have now decided to set up their new home in a nest they are constructing themselves on the banks of the River Derwent. The new site is […]

Calderdale Peregrines being placed at risk by Poisoner

[singlepic id=298 w=400 h=340 float=left]Peregrine falcons are being targeted by a suspected POISONER in Calderdale by spiking prey and leaving it near occupied falcon nesting sites. Local police have been called in after a chicken carcass believed to have been deliberately poisoned was recovered in the Ryburn Valley near the home of a peregrine falcon.


A Derbyshire Gamekeeper denies cage trap charges

[singlepic id=297 w=333 h=222 float=left]A gamekeeper illegally used a cage trap baited with a live pigeon to catch birds of prey in Derbyshire, a court has heard. Glenn Brown, 39, a professional gamekeeper is alleged to have set the trap on land owned by the National Trust in the Upper Derwent Valley between April 14 […]