Tom de Castella, Journalist, read his views on raptor increases!

People are used to stories of conservational doom-and-gloom with fragile species threatened by creeping urbanisation, but recent reports suggest some birds of prey are booming in the UK. So why does the prospect of a soaring hawk or eagle leave some people worried asks Tom de Castella in the BBC News magazine this week?  Song Bird Survival (SS), also get a mention by adding raptors to their list of potential birds that need culling .

It is very disappointing that journalists like Tom de Castella for some reason seem to ignore the extermination taking place of  the peregrine, goshawk and hen harrier from 99% of England’s uplands where these iconic “protected” species continue to be persecuted to protect red grouse populations. The North Pennines, North Yorkshire Moors are first class examples of regions in England where raptor cleansing has continued into the twenty first century. The present  over-all increase in the English peregrine population has been brought about by the species colonisation of inland towns and cities where they are relatively free from persecution.

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